1 outfit...2 days. what?

dont be fooled into thinking that we had one very busy day. no, no the following pictures come from 2 distinct days; nothing was the same about them except for the clothes i wore. at 8 months gestation i have refused to buy more clothes to cover my largesse. incidentally, i now have about 4 total outfits i can wear. i change every day for work because i see the same people every day, but on weekends i see completely different sets of people day to day so i am free to wear the same things on multiple days while no one is the wiser. so with this post i am blowing my own cover. feel free to mock me, but be warned, i will probably eat you.

on friday 4/17 (33 weeks 4 days), we went to a goodbye party for Mae and Buck Bryan who are moving to Thailand this saturday to do campus ministry. that sentence pretty much speaks volumes about them in itself: yes, they are amazing people who love god and people a LOT. we love them too and will miss them like crazy.

with the soon-to-be expatriates. i cant explain my creeper-lean in this picture. either i thought marisa was zooming in way more than she was and that i wouldnt fit (not that i dont fit in certain spaces these days or anything, ahem), or perhaps i was just trying to get extra close to mae because i will miss her so much and wanted to spend some quality time in her personal space before they left!?

group shot

at the food table, duh

digesting on the couch

i kept begging marisa to take more individual pictures of me. i just love it so much.

i am in love with this picture. this is marisa's husband justin having some fun in the foreground while we are oblivious. it looks like his belly is about to jump me from behind and try to battle it out with mine. it would be a close match from this angle, but i think judah could kick justin's lasagna's butt. bonus points for the happy trail though. i cant compete there.

moving on to day two for ol' purplie and the jeans. notice jesse's clothes HAVE changed, he is so weird like that. we had a fun lazy day in atlanta on saturday running bavarious errands and having bavarious adventures (not pictured) and decided to go check out best buy for some potential camcorders since we are about to have someone in the family who is worthy of live-action footage rather than just stills.

tough choices

and then we made my little heart just skip a beat when we pulled up to the Wall Street Journal's pick for the home of #1 burger in america: ann's snack bar on memorial drive, home of the ghetto burger. this place is amazing. ann is this sassy 90 year old little black woman who makes everything to order by hand on a tiny grill. there are only 8 stools in the place, and if you try to come in before a stool-vacancy (hahaha, that works on a few levels) she will totally scream at you soup-nazi style. luckily i had read up on the rules and we didnt get yelled at once, shwew! we did get to sit on our stools and look on in barely-suppressed glee and shake our heads in knowing pity as other poor, less-informed souls dared intrude before their appointed time and felt the toothless wrath of the burger queen.

shout it proud

the widowmaker herself: the ghetto burger. two huge patties, covered in cheese, bacon and fresh onions as well as chili. lettuce, tomato, mayo, mustard and special seasonings. it doesnt make sense that these ingredients should taste so good. dont worry, we did splitsies on one burger and were both completely full. that is ann in the background and her equally-stern apprentice.

somewhere in duluth, my mother is overdosing on "appalled"

and a "side" of fries

on the commute home from ATL we stopped and played with the harpers. you will be happy to know that my pepper skills are still 100% intact as i repeatedly schooled garrett in a round of barefoot-pregnant volleyball played with a soccer ball. too bad we didnt take any pictures of that. but i wanted you to know.

and just then lady fortune cast her loving gaze upon us as i got a call from long-lost teammate and superfriend jayme gergen, who normally lives in blacksburg, VA coaching vball for virginia tech. she was in peachtree city recruiting and knew we lived nearby. i got this message as we were passing her going in the opposite direction. one quick U-turn later and we had our joyous reunion in the parking lot of CVS.

love her!

and in the grand tradition started by me and marisa, i give you another entry in the "pregnant-belly-as-volleyball" photo series. classic gergen serving posture: achieved!

take one: we were both trying pretty hard not to laugh (which is definitely NOT a part of the gerg-serve) AND i have what appears to be a divine aurora of gas coming from my butt

take two. the blessed emission has floated up into the troposphere now to cast its golden rays upon our photo-op

i am looking forward to running in to lauren sauer or alex preiss in the next month. i am betting the pose we choose for them will be a natural method of labor-induction given their attacking-prowess at tech.

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  1. Alexandra Preiss4/29/09, 8:27 AM

    Please run into me :) I'll be gentle to that belly, I promise!!! I enjoy readying the updates on this blog ... makes me feel like I am somewhat close by!!
    Love you ... and hang in there ... not much longer :)

    By the way ... YOU LOOK GREAT!!!!