i thought time would start flying by once we hit the 30 week mark. i mean, 30 weeks! thats a really big number, or so i thought from the other side. Here we are in week 33 and time has come to a screeching halt it seems. here's some of what we've been doing to pass the time.

another standard picture from the doctor's office. now that we are there every 2 weeks these are becoming routine and hard to distinguish. my belly looks tiny because we do morning appointments and i dont eat anything beforehand. the difference is ENORMOUS. i will have to do a same-day before and after-meal belly pic comaparison for proof. i was having a seriously poor day facially here, hence the bandit-sweater. everything is still good on the judah-health front. good and boring and always the same (unless you care about my new dose of thyroid hormone...right)

that is a book report on Ruth Bader Ginsburg behind me. typical OB office decor (31 weeks 2 days)

i had an AMAZING shower on april 4th thrown by my cousins, aunt wanda and margie. this one was for vincent-side family and lots of ladies at woodward north where i went to elementary school and my mom, dad, and most of the hostesses all work. this was the afternoon after i had dropped jesse off at the airport for a week in mexico, so it was a WONDERFUL distraction from missing him. i had SO SO SO much fun with tons of family, friends and former teachers.

(left to right lindsey, melissa, me, margie, krista, aunt wanda)

here's one with all the lady-fam of the vincent side. thats my tiny-organic mom in blue next to me. all the weight she loses goes right to me and my butt

just the cousins. minus tripp. (31 weeks 5 days)

compare the above pic to this one, taken almost 9 years ago at lindsey's wedding shower. wow! we just happen to be lined up in the exact same order. ha! they are all as hot as ever, and you can just shut up about me in the before pic, because i was 17 and hadnt learned about using makeup or avoiding pastels when untanned. i call myself "lisa vanilla plainface" here.

blast from the past (0 weeks, 0 days)

the next day my mom took me to chateau elan for a spa day. another perfect distraction from missing jesse. we had massages, manicures, pedicures and a delish lunch. didnt feel like taking any pics of me and mom in our robes and no makeup, but trust me that it was delightful and i felt so spoiled!

we ate lunch in the room above those arches of the little turret-looking area

our 2 couple-BF's the fortunatos, dan and lukas (right), and future-hunts, lena and elliot (left-wedding on 8.22.09: save the date). they took me to longhorn for a triple date. i was escorted my my fetal-son since jesse was still in mexico. love them! lena and dan are proof that smart friendvesting pays off. (i had a REALLY awesomely lame pun about wall street and the economy and investments like these, but lukas and elliot shamed me out of inserting it). i am officially too big for my own non-maternity shirts and have resorted to wearing jesse's...seen here in kelly green

elliot, lena, keight/judah, danielle, lukas (32 weeks 4 days)

on the way to pick up jesse from the airport on saturday night. this is me with 40% of jesse and my 3rd family, the harpers, at our favorite and most frequented mexican restaurant. this is garrett, the oldest son (a freshie at GT), and beth, the beautiful harper-mom. there are 2 more younger harperino boys not pictured, and of course rick-the dad, our campus minister and former/future boss from georgia tech CCF. we LOVE this family and have adopted ourselves into the clan. we go to the beach every summer with them (this will be the 5th year!) and hang out in fayettville with them approximately 3 times a week (average). the boys will be awesome big brothers for judah.

me/ judah, garrett, beth (32 weeks, 5 days)

and then jesse came home and all was right in the world (including jesse's raging tan) it was a hard 8 days without him (180 hours is you were counting them one by one like i was!) but i was kept busy by all the wonderful things above plus a few not pictured like dinner with my uncle blaine and aunt jo, a lunch date with jesse's mom, and a spend the night party at my house + attending birth class with my mom.

Easter at church. 32 weeks 6 days

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