Summer Lovin', Have You a Bag (BIG MOMMY BEACH BAG GIVEAWAY!)

last year i gave away one of my Big Mommy Beach Bags to celebrate the end of summer (hooray for kids back in their learning cages!), but this year i figured it might be more useful to the winner and the world at large to offer a free custom bag at the beginning of summer.

what's that you say? it's only just spring? well maybe if you read almanacs and stuff. but i declare it to be summer when i get my first accidental sunburn and/or when the first hints of habitual swampass (aka humid short syndrome) start appearing. thusly, IT IS SUMMER.

as always, my pattern for this bag is totally free if you're into making your own, AND i sell these year round in my etsy shop, but once a year a freebie goes out to one lucky big mommy (children/largeness not necessary) and that time has come. 

let me just vouch for this bag. ours (the first one i ever made) is in its 3rd year of hard use and is still going so very strong. we do not approach a body of swimmable water without taking this beast along with us to haul every item that could conceivably be needed in a beach/pool scenario. it's large, in charge and has held up to all sorts of dukes' nonsense that we have put it through.

and in case you were wondering why i call it the "big mommy" bag...this is why.

the winner will get a Big Mommy Bag in the fabric of their choice from my current stock, and can add a letter applique and/or zipper if desired. last year's winner, erica, went with a lovely grey chevron fabric, a green E monogram and a zipper...what would you pick?

free shipping to the US will be included (i cannot offer free shipping worldwide, but if you win and are overseas i will gladly make you a free bag and if you're willing to pay the shipping overage...let's do it!).

one winner will be picked based on rafflecopter entries below and there are plenty of ways to get lots of entries.


*UPDATE: just made the "regram" entry option worth 5 entries since a regram is a big ask! (if you regrammed before i adjusted the # of entries, i will manually add extra to get you all 5 for that.)

*ANOTHER UPDATE: non facebook/IG/twitter people: a comment on this post will also count as an entry (you can enter it on the rafflecopter widget now after youve commented). also: what do you waste all of your time on?!?!


a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I'm IGnorant, can someone tell me how to repost a pic on IG?

    1. any points you might have lost for being ignorant are restored (and then some) due to that awesome pun! you just screen shot my pic and then crop it down and post it as yours.

  2. hah I don't have facbook or instagram, so I hope this counts as an entry!

  3. I'm a non-facebooker too...but that bag looks amazing. Thinking it will help me cart all the pool paraphernalia that we bring to the wading pool each day (once it warms up....its certainly not summer here in these Canadian parts!) Count me in for 1 entry please!

  4. i already bought one a year ago, but i really want another. is that greedy? :|

  5. i already bought one about a year ago, but i really want another one. is that greedy?! :|

  6. I waste all my time on reddit, laughing at cat pics and memes.

  7. no facebook for me, but that beach bag looks amazing!

  8. Wow! what an awesome beach bag! I want!!

  9. I waste my time on Pinterest!

  10. Im a pinterest time waster. Love the bag!

  11. LOVE it. I still waste a LOT of time, don't worry. ;)

    heidi e.

  12. Erica Gladden5/8/14, 8:47 AM

    Eek, my bag!! :) Keight, I am still madly in love with that bag! Did I mention it's huge?! I'm still surprised at the stuff I can do with that thang. I just used it last weekend. Did a spring cleaning of my closet for a yard sale. It's at my mother's house, so I will need to transport my stuff. In lieu of a garbage bag, I pulled out my keight bag. (I'm not a mommy.) Everything. fit. in. that. bag. Thanks again x a million!

  13. I'm SO very sad I missed this giveaway... :(