bread, ribs, eggplant, and not a recipe in sight

a handful of random:

-We went to Disney World for spring break last week. I am trying to summon the strength to write a post about it (after my near-death disney trip in december, i am harrowed by the mere thought) because it was a seriously rocking time. but if not, you must know this:  the 2 best restaurants in all of mickey's domain are: Flame Tree BBQ in animal kingdom (best ribs i've ever had, not even ashamed) and Be Our Guest in Magica Kingdom (go at 10:30 am for an early lunch with minimum wait...everything we had was legit wonderful food).

beneath the tree of life

-I am officially done with the first trimester. good riddance. 14 weeks finds me having gained 0 lbs since my first appointment (I have decided to not count those initial 10 lbs that happened in one instant after getting the positive test since the dr. never even knew about my real "before" weight), and yet being huge and soft everywhere. I have belly, enough that the rubber band trick on all of my pants is starting to fail, but its not the rock hard preg belly that is strong enough to push back against maternity elastic yet, leaving me looking like I'm wearing really unfortunately-designed Spanx with things being squeezed and spilling over. Fun times. But I'll take it any day because it comes with NO MORE DEATH NAUSEA. And what's insane? finding out the gender in less than a month! Junk's about to get REAL.

bring on the LANUGO!

they are insane about everything lessening besides the nausea. (artist's rendering of my motherly form)

-I added a link in the sidebar under my picture over yonder----> to support one of my best friend/hero's ministries. Angie is amazing and is a HUUUUUUUGE reason why i ever gave ministry, and even Jesus Himself, a chance. Her campus ministry, Bread, has an opportunity to buy a new house to operate from for a STEAL. This woman loves Jesus in a breathtakingly  committed and authentic way and is changing lives at Emory University just like she did mine at Georgia Tech. Any donation is totally tax deductible, BTW and FTW.

-We had to make the call recently on whether to register Judah for kindergarten or to let him to another 4 year old pre-k program. He's a late May (25th) birthday and he's a boy. My parents are lifelong educators, my dad working in admissions and then as headmaster for decades, and unhesitatingly recommended letting him have another year before starting. Everyone else we have asked about this has agreed. We have heard that with girls, you'd maybe send them on a little young (I started very early with an October bday and despite doing solidly academically and athletically despite my being behind in age, my parents said they always regretted not giving my another year of maturity), but with boys that it shouldnt even be given a second thought. 

So that's what we went with and decided to wait and let Judah man get another year of knowledge and muscle and be the oldest in his grade forevermore (like his daddy) rather than the youngest (like mama). Judah and Layla will be at the same preschool with each other for another year, and should enter big school only 1 grade apart when the time comes (and baby 3 will be at the same church program when i have to go back to work too). It's still hard for me not to second-guess and wonder about if he was starting Kindergarten this fall, especially with all my friends who i was pregnant with starting their 5 years olds. Keep telling me this is the right call!

another year to stop to smell the roses "horsey medicine" (re: weeds)

-I have been being rocked by the couples' small group Jesse and I are in, that he leads. We are studying Galatians, but it should probably really be called, "Hey, Keight, maybe you're not really a Christian after all" because it has just convicted my PANTS OFF about how bad i am about making the gospel about what I am doing/not doing right when it is truly the opposite: all that matter is what Christ did on my behalf and i cant add or subtract one iota from that. It's been utterly challenging and yet completely freeing to "learn" this truth and really try to let it sink it (despite all the insane systems and rules we have set up as a society and even as a church that convince us otherwise). I'm especially loving this in the middle of this Holy Week leading up to celebrating the actual event of that uber-victory of our Savior's on sunday. amen.

-We are reinstating the veggie garden in our backyard this year. We planned to have 5 shady tree culprits cut down to help us be more successful this year (what we learned last year sun =  important), but when we got quotes from tree removers for $300 and $2500 for the exact same job we got a little suspicious. No telling if the tree will make it down this year or will stunt another harvest. This year's crops: peas, jalapenos, roma tomatoes, carrots, okra (i'll never give up on my favorite veggie!), eggplant, zucchini, cucumber, and maybe watermelon. Stay tuned for disasters and small victories.

the only burpees you'll catch me near.

-We are thisclose to closing on the papers (oh the papers!) to refinance our mortgage. this is going to save us major major and maybe even allow enough wiggle room for an addition onto our tiny ranch? dare to dream. We tried to refinance last year but our appraisal came back dismally low (think worth 30% less than what we paid for it in 2006) so we couldnt do it. The appraiser came last friday and I was there to let him in. I was tickled pink we he said, "wow, youve done some major renovation in the kitchen recently, huh?" because no we havent! ALl original counters, cabinets, floors and other majors stuff. we HAVE however worked our butts off at all the little stuff and so hearing a professional think that those little touches were from big investment was thrilling. Of course, I am an idiot and told him "no we didnt really do anything big or expensive at all, just small improvements here and there." TO THE APPRAISER! fool woman. Deposit my  boner move, the result was wonderful as the appraisal value came back SO much higher than we had even hoped for so we are thrilled. the next step is getting a builder out to tell us if adding on is worth it versus buy or building somewhere new (tear...i dont know if i can leave this house!)

happy tuesday, fools.


  1. If my kids were in public school, I would wait with my boys, as well. I think your parents have more than enough experience in this and you know your kid way better than anyone else on the planet for you to doubt your choice. My boys are all their own version of smart, but that maturity thing can get in the way of academic learning, which results often in kids being pushed a little harder and then acquiring negative mindsets about learning. I also taught third grade before having kids, and I saw this struggle all the time with my boy students. Plus, it will be more relaxing as you add baby #3 to the family for him to not be tackling a huge milestone in his life of becoming an elementary school kid. :-)

  2. I heard once that you will never regret waiting to send them. I, too, was so on the fence about sending my oldest with a May 23rd birthday. He was ready academically but it has taken some time to really get in the groove with maturity. Not anything major, just learning some more self control.....( hello! I still need help on this!!) Luckily, he has had the most excellent and God's blessing of a teacher to help him through.
    I am so glad that the sickness is gone! I am 12 weeks and am in the same, can't wear my regular pants and look like a complete muffin spillover with belly band, boat! I waved the white flag and broke out my maternity stuff.... just hiked all the way up to ma boobs! Good thing for us summer time is a great time to rock dresses!

  3. I JUST had a conversation with a middle school teacher yesterday about this topic. She said she couldn't even tell me how many times she's been in a conference with parents of middle school boys and she's asked: when's his birthday? answer: May, June or July whatever - to which she replies, OHHHH, that's why we're here... Her son is an early May bday and she said she will absolutely hold him.

  4. Did you say keeping Judah back a year would mean he and Layla would be at the same school next year when you have a newborn? Why are you regretting this decision? Lol I think it's smart to wait with him, he'll be more mature, especially as a boy, and older for sports if he plays, which should help him out as well. As a high school teacher, I can agree with the other opinions that boys need a little more time to mature, and I think you'll be happier keeping him in preschool another year.