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i rarely do the day-of-the-week-themed posts that are popular on social media (man crush monday, transformation tuesday, woman crush / way back / what i wore wednesday, throwback thursday, selfie sunday are some eye-roll-inducing examples...not to say i havent totally done them before).

today i am going full force with the throwback thursday to almost exactly a year ago when i snapped my favorite funny instagram photo of all time.

i was shopping at Goodwill (poppin' tags) and glanced up and had to do a raging triple-take because the couple across from me looked, at a glance, JUST like jesse and me....except not really and upon closer inspection they were certainly different enough from us that i was positively tickled.

these arent funny-looking people by any means. and i am certainly not laughing at them. i think it's the pairing of them alongside the pair of me and jesse and the so-close-but-not-really resemblance between us two couples that cracks me up. i'm pretty sure if you showed them a pic of the two of us they would be laughing just as hard (although we are, admittedly, funny-looking).

if you know these people, put them in touch, in case either set of us ever needs stand-ins or a stunt couple.

i heart you, goodwill dopplegangers! happy anniversary!

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