dash & friends

judah was invited to his church BFF's 5th birthday party on sunday. it was superhero themed and naturally i didnt think about what he might wear until 30 minutes before we had to leave.

luckily, we were more than prepared, still having all of the pieces to his amazing homemade incredibles costume. but since layla was coming to the party too, we needed to rig up something for her. i let her pick her favorite from a selection of heroes that i thought i could reasonably whip up in 30 minutes from stuff around the house. she chose, i made, we left.

dash is back...and picking his wedgie?

the party was so awesome. homemade, but EASY. laid-back but such fun for the kids. i will be taking a page from the bday mom's brilliant book and going the chill, sanity-preserving method for bday parties. unless i get a bananas delusion to build mega-slide again.

a bunch of bad-A little dudes. villains, beware.

the bday boy is seriously one gorgeous boy. (but dont tell him i said that...superman has an image to keep up).

judah decided to give his birthday buddy an added gift for free: the chance to practice grace--when he swooped in at the magic moment to blow out marc's number 5 candle for him.

the smoking gun candle. captain america and i could only look on in horror. 

yall, but here's the proof that marc's parents are getting it right. instead of raging out on judah for stealing his birthday blow, marc immediately looked at judah and said, "now yowh five too!" freaking adorable and christlike! all points to marc.

after seeing that picture i went back and looked at the ones i took in the same candle-blowing sequence, and it turns out that judah DIDNT usurp the candle (though he 100% meant to). this photo-finish from a second before proves that marc did get the candle and judah was a little late on the steal. shwew:

thank heavens. as the awesomely biblical and hilarious parents noted, we almost had a jacob/esau situation unfolding here with a birthright being stolen from the older kid.

happy birthday, marc. we love you!

hmmmm, it feels like i am forgetting something. oh right! what did layla dress up as?

well, in perfect lay-lay fashion, she managed to upstage all costumes by rocking her ghetto-rigged one with her baby bod and firecracker personality.

yall, she was batgirl, and she was exquisite:

um, yes. a million times yes. 

as i was taking the above picture, it's like she knew the exact character she was supposed to be playing and did the most flawlessly executed superhero-run-away maneuver and i am happy in my soul to have captured the athletic prowess of the moment:

there are no words.  but i am dead. dead of cute.

actually, there is one word. and it looks like this:

whoosh indeed. that first step is lightning-quick.

and what is batgirl's super-power that strikes fear in the heart of all evil-doers?

the belly bounce!  capable of knocking over small buildings and much larger children in a single arch of her back.

now a bunch more shots of how mother-freaking HILARIOUS this child is.

the game is afoot! follow me!

at terminal velocity down the hill.

she has cornered her quarry

but with her limited 2-year old agility and mask-impeded peripheral vision, he escapes!

batgirl must trudge back UP the hill alone:
 our tiny caped crusadette learns that it's a little harder than going downhill.

"my back! oh my back!"

"i think i slipped a disc!"

a dollop (or more) of icing makes it all better

layla, please be my best friend because you are the funniest, sweetest, spiciest and sassiest little goofball i've ever met.


  1. LOVE! How totally HORRIFIC you can pull off a post on my son's birthday party before I can! Can you come over or should I just give you my log in and password! LOL

    So blessed your family was a part of our day. And after having three kids and parties out the yang... chill and simple are a total MUST for self preservation for many more years of festivities to come!

    Love you girl... now off to get my camera and write...

    OH... and how blessed you are to have captured TRUTH on the infamous blow out! I missed it all... "Make a wish... make a wish..." and well... yeah.

  2. I have to say ... I am positively DYING from CUTENESS OVERLOAD!! All of them. Divine and hilarious! Thanks so much for sharing. I'm just a distant blog follower but am especially glad to be for seeing these photos!

  3. oh wow layla just turned my crappy day around. i laughed so loud i almost woke my boy up! thank you so much for sharing her :)