Jesse and I are in Austin for the next approx 50 hours. He's at a Jesus conference and i'm tagging along on skymiles, a dream and the miracle of free childcare (love you Dukes/Vincents!!!)

Okay so people who know, what must we see/eat/do?

Note: we're staying downtown and don't have a car while here. We must get our walk on.

So far: i have all day to myself and have binged (responsibly) on fabric and food trucks. In an ironic or perfectly hilarious followup post to the previous one, nothing about this is WW approved.  but this is our first trip in 3 years...ill eat raw cabbage all next week...worth it.

I didn't wake up at 5 am to fly 12 parsecs to order grilled chicken. PLUS I've already walked 4 miles today and thrashed my abs during a coughing fit on the flight, soooo yeah...I'm committed.

{if the pic won't show it's bc the phone posting is so flipping persnickety...you can see the pic on my Instagram here: http://instagr.am/p/WSWwZGIYjH/}

1. Getting my fab on at StitchLab // 2. Torchy's taco truck...OMG // 3. Gourdough's ($5!!!) doughnut...not overpriced, FTR // 4. Pretty history or something

in #4 I cropped out the jolly bum that was in this pic and proceeded to follow me basketball-defender style for a half mile (I have a wicked swim move pivot step and evaded like whoa). He thought I was the funniest person alive when I called him "Texan" in response to him calling me "Georgian." He was also fantastically intoxicated and wanted to be bar buddies.

So far Austin is as perfect as everyone says. Give me more reasons to believe in the city that Stone Cold Steve founded!


  1. Is he at Verge? If so, Awesome!!!
    Okay - you've already hit up some of my faves about Austin. Gourdoughs, Stitch Fix, Torchy's...you're doin' good! Other ideas:
    1. The Capital is worth a tour - it's fun and it shows how stinkin' proud of themselves Texans are. (Note: I'm a Georgian - from Atlanta-...but I live here and let me just say - Texans are a proud bunch. Ha!)
    2. Caleb (www.calebmusic.com) is playin' at the Parish (on 6th St.) Friday night...they are good.
    3. Rudy's is good BBQ...Maudie's is good TexMex. Matt's El Rancho too. Freddie's Place is great too! OH and Amy's Icecream - YUMMY! (and you can't get any of those in Atlanta) Note: there are TONS of great places to eat - Austin is awesome like that - these are but a few. :)
    4. Walk South Congress - fun/cute little shops. Also Guadalupe ("the drag") is fun - middle of UT. Great shops...great people watching. :)
    5. Lady Bird Lake - burn some of those calories! Ha! Or not. :)
    Mmmm...kay. My kids are needin' help with homework so my brain is distracted - have fun!

  2. haaa!!! just realized I wrote "stitch fix" instead of "stitch lab"...oops! :)

  3. I've never been to Austin, but I've heard nothing but awesome things. Looking forward to the full trip report!

    Imagine me saying this next thing in the most no-pressure, genuinely-trying-to-be-helpful way possible -

    Try using Funnel (funnel-app.com) for blogging pictures from your phone. You could do a post like this quickly, and the pic would have shown up automagically formatted :) Instagram-to-Blogger is one of our pride-and-joy features! [Disclaimer: I wrote Funnel] It's not just for crafting anymore.

    Have fun on your trip! Have a taco for me.

  4. If the hubs is, indeed, at The Verge conference, sneak in with him for a bit- it's a great conference even for non-musical, pastory types. :) If you're at a walkable distance from all the places you've already hit up, you're in a great part of town. Flip Happy Crepes is my favorite dessert locale, next to the gluttonous donuts you've already discovered. Elizabeth Street Cafe is right by Gourdough's, and is one of my favorites- French Vietnamese and totally worth whatever the wait is. I second all the recommendations the person above gave you, and whoever sent you to Torchy's, Stitch Lab, and Gourdough's, they are my kind of people. There's live music all over town any night of the week- you can literally go for a stroll up and down 1st-6th streets or South Lamar/South Congress/South First and you'll find shows, shops and food that will wow you. Enjoy!

  5. Kirby Lane has great breakfast food! I also love the path around the lake near downtown. I'm not an Austin-ie, but have been there a couple times and LOVED it!!

  6. Kirby Lane!

    Walk the path around the lake downtown.

    Saltlick BBQ

  7. I see a trend here, everyone is wanting you to eat, hmmm..... Well I will send you to the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum 1800 N.Congress Ave Austin, Texas 78701 (512) 936-8746. It really is an impressive museum and it has an Imax theater as well. http://www.thestoryoftexas.com/

  8. From a native Texan and former Austinite:

    Kerbey Lane. Kerbey Lane. Kerbey Lane.

    Chocolate coffee and pancakes... that's pretty much all you need to know.

    Oh, and the white queso.

    Basically, Kerbey Lane.