just another day

apparently judah doesnt observe fathers day for religious reasons.

the religion of a newly-turned-3-year-old is evidently called MEEEEEEEEEE

for those of us who DO recognize and celebrate today: happiest of days to the daddy of m'babes!

jesse does more parenting than i'd ever have any right or sense to ask of him--and then best part is that i never have to ask!

the kids might not know it fully yet, but i know how blessed they are to have him as their papa.

and of course we love and appreciate our own dads, grandaddy and pop pop, a little extra today too. these 60 year old men turn into 20 year olds and are so amazing when around their grandkids. they do such hilarious, ridiculous, selfless, and wise things in their roles as grandpas that you just know this isnt their first rodeo.

as the recipients of their first rodeos, jesse and i are so thankful for all they have given and keep giving us in their roles as fathers and grandfathers. i wonder how many grocery store floor my dad peeled me off of.

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