come thou fount

during judah's birthday night extravaganza we took the kids to the fountain in the local shopping park/paradise/center that the cupcake store was located. we cannot go to any of the shops here without him BEGGING to go see the fountain. it's like the kids has never seen water before.

but when it's your 3rd bday, the would is your big stinky raw oyster. so we went and i lugged our nicer camera along for this portion. SO glad i did because the lighting was dummy-proof and the kids were undeniably adorable.

here are some of the best:

gosh he just loves me so much, so this pose comes naturally.

the pictures are just effortless.

oh yeah, except, to get these 2 shots, we had to live with about 50 of these:

this is far more representative

she's just a happy little sprite.

power stance

focus.....FOCUS! ("give me your hand" "but i can almost reach the grail!!!")

guess who did NOT want to be in this photo

he's mentoring.


sweating all over toys we didnt buy after the fountain time.

and now my MOST FAVORITE!

judah gave an inspiring one man performance of a dragon attack atop the fountain:

act 1: crouching judah, hidden dragon
act II: frightened villagers

finale: RAWR.

and the best picture of the day/life:


layla was not, as it may appear, dangling off of a building, holding on during a tornado or enjoying an anti-gravity simulator. she just has mad back muscles, i guess? bonus points because she is achieving this posture with a one-handed grip as she was adamant about taking the nose-suction tube device from home along on our adventures.


  1. Is that a Nose Frieda Snotsucker?!?!

    1. You know it. Thought I don't love it like all the amazon reviews said it would.

  2. I admit: I'm a creeper. I just love your humor, and your sarcasm, and your realness, and your all-around amazingness. Now that that's out of the way, I'm pretty sure Laila gets 5,324 bad-ass points for pulling off an effortless planking. All of the photos were adorable, but that one just makes me laugh.

    1. I heart a reformed creeper! Isn't that picture insanely awesome?!

  3. Your kids are so stinkIn cute!! My sons 5 and definatley into that stage of no PDA in public mom! So take what you can get now! I do have to ask too where are your shorts from? I have yellow pants and love them and have been wanting a yellow pair of shorts.

    1. they are from LOFT earlier this summer and i LOVE them. i also have them in an awesome vibrant orange shade too.