one month check in

layla is doing awesome. i am sort of kind of getting used to having 2 kids, but there still really just isn't a lot of time for things that were daily occurrences back when i was a mother of one- such as blogging, cooking and dental hygiene. just the other day i found myself feeling proud about wearing my "dressy sweatpants" to the store. yikes.

so the blog is on a kind of maternity leave too. but rest assured that there is lots of material in what is left of my brain after 2 generous cerebral cell donations to my little monsters (seriously, i am getting dumber with every offspring, the IQ points have to be going somewhere).

so here's some fun stats that you may care about and that i KNOW i will want to remember later.

she is sleeping about 5 or 6 straight hours every night. this is right on pace with judah who kept a pace of hours straight per night = weeks old. one thing she's doing that judah didn't is exhibiting the newborn witching hour. apparently this is fairly common and consists of an hour or 2 of inconsolable crying in the evening. usually sometime between 7 and 11 pm. its hard because this is right when judah goes to sleep and we start to try to relax or have alone time or even go to bed. according to the books its just a developmental thing and will fade away by 2 or 3 months. my heart breaks for parents of colic babies.

so the first week or so after we got home i was really nervous (aka hormonal postpartum guilty weeping mess) that she wasn't get enough milk because she would get so so frustrated trying to nurse at night (turned out to be witching hour). i was really worried that she was starving and wouldn't be back up to her birth weight in 2 weeks like pediatricians want babies to be. she was 8.1 when she was born and 7.9 when we left the hospital. her appointment was when she was 10 days old, so i was just hoping she'd be close to her birthweight again even after our feeding issues. um, she was 8.10! so 4 days early she was 9 ounces heavier than the doctors even needed her to be. talk about relief. little porker was trying to sneak extra snacks from the boobs that were giving her just plenty.

fast forward 23 days to her 1 month appointment this week. she now weighs 11.1. she gained 2 and a half pounds in three weeks! apparently my body isn't diluting all the oreo cream that i am eating and it's just going straight to her as-is and chunking her up like none other. but seriously, no skim milk here.

getting weighed down by the jowls while jesse and lukas learn the moby-wrap like amazing life partners.

she has a really bad case of baby acne. judah had a bit as a newborn, but she has it like a tween. its totally normal too. poor thing has been swimming in my hormones for 9 months and it could take up to 3 months for them to evacuate the dance floor through her adorable face.

exactly one month old. just lacking some braces to go with her middle school problem skin. i just think of them as red freckles.

as we saw above she finally met her other set of god parents who made it in from the mission field in chile. i think she was comfortable with them:

even though she looks pretty bald, her hair is hanging in there and has grown noticeably since birth. its really thick but so so short. like the worlds softest buzz cut. its way longer in the back so she has the super chic baby-mullet. naturally i have a baby girl with male pattern baldness and a boy whose golden locks put pantene commercials to shame.

her party-in-the-back. it matches daddy's arm hair exactly

regular posts, funny captions, deep thoughts and interesting adjectives returning early 2011.


  1. Oh Layla is so awesome!!! Thanks for the update :-)

  2. I enjoy reading your updates on miss layla because my lydia is just behind her. born nov 21st. lydia had the hormone adjustment too...she had a period for a few days. YIKES!! Poor girl. (they say that its totally normal and due to the hormones.) my girl was 5.13 (tiny) and I can't find any clothes to fit her. I'm looking for baby legs where did you get those pink ones in the pic? sorry for my long comment. and this is probably my first time commenting but i've been lirking for a while now... since like 20 wks preg.:)

  3. hannah, lydia is ADORABLE! i have heard about the period thing too. as freaky as that is i would prefer that for a few days than months of raging zits! the babylegs i made myself for sooooooper cheap from $1 and $2 pairs of target ladies socks. one of my bloggy friends did a tutorial on them and i went out and bought about 20 pairs that day! so so easy. the post is here http://www.putapuredukes.com/2010/06/babylegs.html

  4. I've missed your updates, but totally understand. I am hoping I'll see you guys over the break. The children's gifts are in the mail. Know how much you are loved. May you enjoy the celebration of Jesus' birth!

  5. Please please please tell Layla and Judah that you really must have time to blog so that I can see their cute little faces and read your stories. I know you need to be a mom and all, but I'm missing the keight commentary!!! Selfish- I know.

  6. What do you mean you are getting 5-6 hour stretches of sleep?? That's not fair.
    You want to hear pathetic? I actually put on my "nice sweats" when I go to bed b/c I know I won't have to change them the next day with this insane house. Hey, at least I'm not technically wearing my PJ's all day.
    But no fear. I just ordered two new hoodies from Target so that I can have some "nice ones." Oh my. What has happened to me???
    Ella was insanely colicky as a baby. She literally screamed all day every day for 6 months...and it would escalate from7pm-11pm. But, she turned out pretty normal :) "Wearing her" helped, but sometimes I just had to put her down and let her scream b/c I just couldn't take it anymore.
    She's a cutie! Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

  7. I love catching up on the Dukes! Layla is so stinking adorable! I love how chunky she is. Let's hear it for breast milk!!! LOVE the picture of Judah and Layla where she's got one eye open. Smart girl! Hope your family had a wonderful holiday. Let's get together soon.