welcome to meltdown town

poor little bug was snoozing in his carseat so happily that we let him sleep past his mealtime. this is what happened when he woke up groggy, hungry and disoriented. little guy tried to fight the grumps, but gave in in the end. he held the pouty-lip for an impressive amount of time and it was freaking precious. i felt like such a jerk just videoing and laughing at him while he wailed and glared at me, but it was so pitifully cute. dont call DEFACS on me yet, he got many extra snuggles for being so patient with me. 9 weeks old here.


  1. What a face. I wouldn't want to mess with that.

  2. oh my heavens...that just makes me want to cry with him--what a darling, tragic face--just wants to make your face melt...i have no idea how he can be so patiently miserable!!!! What a guy!

  3. The comment above was really from me--didn't know Erin was signed in on my computer!