music to our ears

ok the lighting is HORRIBLE (because i was casting my big fat shadow all over judah) but this is such a wonderful moment that i had to post. its only 4 seconds of cuteness and then 7 more of jesse and me sounding like raging fools trying to get more out of him. i could watch this ALL day.
last weekend while babysitting, my dad told me that judah had been laughing at him...he said it offhand like it was something that happens a lot. i tried not to break down in tears or attack my dad in a jealous rage because WE had never even heard judah laugh, so we therefore missed the first one! so we dedicated this past sunday night to making him laugh so we could get it in tape and not be such failures as parents at making our child happy. 4 seconds of heavenly success are the result:

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  1. OMG, I love the way yall sound when you're talking to Judah with your Mommy and Daddy voices!! Precious!!! -Joanna Tatum