tiny milestones

we have been slacking on updating the blog lately...but we have a pretty good excuse. the best excuse, actually...life with judah! it has been quite the learning experience and we are pretty tired as expected, but this is by far the best thing that has ever happened to either of us and every second we get to be with our son is worth a whole hour of missed sleep. we are running on adrenaline and love right now and we really are enjoying life!
picture are much easier to put up on facebook than on the blog, so if you want to see more, you should be able to follow this link here
in the meantime, here are some significant and insignificant milestones that we have covered in the first 2 weeks of judahs life!
first doctor's office visit @ 2 days

first shopping trip...target...@ 2days

first manicure @ 2 days

first friends! with madison del angel (4 months) and susannah griffies (3.5 weeks) @ 5 days...sorry i cant get this one to rotate.

first movie at the drive-in, we saw night at the museum battle for the smithsonian with the youth group @ 6 days

first stroll @ 2 days...didnt make it very far...thats our house in the background

first picture of holding his head up @15 days (although he did this on day 1, i swear)

first mommy and daddy date night out without judah @ 14 days (thanks mom-o)

first bath the night the zombie flesh cord fell off @ 12 days

first family restaurant visit@ 12 days..chapultapec with the harper boys...of course
second trip to the golf course (first was the puebla golf tournament @ 4 days), but first time actually playing. with uncle jake and unkie ry-ry @ 11 days
first trip to waffle house with daddy and the boys @ 11 days. judah's head is as big as hashbrowns
first rainstorm @10 days

last day with the cord (we do NOT miss it) @ 11 days


  1. I'm so in love with him!!! Can't wait to see him again and LOVE all the pics of his 'firsts' y'all are the best bloggers ever! Love y'all!

  2. Keight--YOu are so amazing for doing this video is so absolutely awesome and was so sweet of you to make a way for Jes to see him wake up when he wasn't there...it definitely made me teary!!! He is SOOOOO beautiful and SOOOOO sweet...I can't wait to get home to see him! You guys are incredible and swinging right into parenthood!

    On the firsts--don't forget the first night out to get ice cream (or had you already done that?) and the first home repair project (unless you had others) I'll send you my pictures if you don't have any! Love nad hugs--we miss you!!!!