hilarity, thy name is "baby all star"

my mom did a great job of saving a bunch of my brother's and my cutest outfits from when we were kids. she saved the boy ones to give to tripp's son one day and the girl ones for my daughter (cough, cough, dry heave), but since i had a son, i get all the boy ones until tripp ponies up to the marriage/childbirth stage of life (a.k.a. the end of time)

we were a little skeptical about the massively old school baseball outfit she gave us at first, thinking it wouldnt really work anywhere but a baseball game and we werent sure we would be able to "brave" the heat anytime soon. so we put him in it tonight just to make sure we had at least let him wear it once. oh. my. gosh. we could not stop laughing. judah was not as amused

no babies were harmed during the making of this blog post
a tip of the hat to you as well, my good man
not only is he sitting in a chair, but he is also the cutest thing ever. double threat
hahahaha, there is no caption worthy of this picture

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