i'm out of order?!?! YOU'RE out of order!

...honestly, this whole courtroom's out of order...but thats beside the point. these are some pics that should have been posted before this blog even existed; so there was never any hope of them being in order. still fun to look at!

these are from maybe a week after we first found out we were pregnant. this was probably the 9th test we had taken, just had to be sure! naturally, jesse's immediate reaction was to fake smoke the pee-stick...what a goober. the really funny part is that he put the wrong end up to his mouth the first time. hahahaha.

expectant daddy of the year application photo

thats not where it goes. (4 weeks 3 days)

4 weeks 5 days...from the night we told my parents they were soon to be GRAND. my dad claims he "knew it." i am pretty sure they both totally thought it was just a birthday dinner for me and nothing more. we gave them the books "41 uses for Grandpa" and "42 uses for Grandma." If there was any doubt that grandmas are more useful than grandpas...there's the proof apparently. we will probably just let judah call them whatever he wants or whatever comes out, but we like the names "mom-o" for my mom and either "big daddy" (kind of funny considering my dad is crazy thin and fit now) or "bumpa" for my dad. we'll see if judah complies.

yummy birthday dinner. the first of many "i'm pregnant, i can eat this" rationalizations

EXTRA CREDIT: jesse has his own special blog now. he and two of his best buddies decided to commit to an hour a day of sharpening some of their favorite skills/pastimes, and jesse decided his would be songwriting. i was skeptical at first since he had never seriously expressed an interest in writing songs before, but he wanted to try his hand at actually writing some of his own in addition to singing all the other ones out there. well, he's made a believer and #1 fan out of me! i am truly proud of him. he has written a handful of songs so far and they have all been really good...and i am not just being a delusionally supportive wife here. i tell him where i think the crappy parts are too...but there really havent been many.

anyway, he is posting the songs and writing a little about the meaning of each song/lyrics and how he came up with each one on this blog. he also plans to put random thoughts and ideas he has on life and jesus and minsitry on there, so in case youre interested in any of that, you can check it out HERE

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