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I went on a freezer paper stencilling bender recently. I had ordered a few new sets of onesies for Noa and lots of the packs came with a few patterned onesies and a few blank ones. I wanted to spruce up the blanks with some fun onesie design ideas I had been gathering from all over tarnation Pinterest.

I made fifteen and declared myself addicted. Some of these I could turn out 4 or 5 in an hour, and others took 3 hours to get just one specific design right.

For almost all of these I was inspired by an idea and then I just made up a design as close to the original as I could via a google image search and then printing out the image onto freezer paper. Then I painstakingly cut out the stencils and all their miniscule details with teensy scissors (and as a result I am now perilously close to buying a Silhouette machine for all future endeavors. Having a robot do my grunt work is where it's at).

Anyway, if you have a similar style to me, then this will be a great collection of ideas that you wont have to go track down all in different places.

many mosquito bites incurred while setting up this clothesline of joy

EASILY my 3 favorites and the 3 that took the longest

this is my interpretation of an awesome negative space embroidery design I found on Pinterest that i translated into fabric paint (many q-tips employed for this one!)

my first attempt with sparkly fabric paint. this one was actually all my idea once I knew I wanted the gold. I used the "clementine" font.

just a huge initial in "circus" font (which i thought i hated as a font for words, but looks great as just one statement initial).

I left the iron on the fawn for too long when i was setting the design, and it morphed some of the fur into a different color. I dont hate it. 

the bright purple hi is another top pick

I asked Layla what all the designs were as I made them and she declared the one on the far right to be pants.

and the little matryoshka doll is probably my favorite of all the picture (non-word) designs. 

Needless to say, she is going to be rocking the onesies for quite some time.  This is fine by me, because ain't nothing cuter than a baby in a onesie. Straight up.  I did think ahead enough to get all different sizes so hopefully these wont be one-wear and then done, which drives me crazy (ahem, looking at you, giant baby Layla, who skipped right over most of her NB clothes).

There's a quick, happy, burst of babywear to set your uterus aglow on this Tuesday.


  1. You're amazing! Great job!

  2. I'd love it if you could post a tutorial!!! These are AWESOME!!!

  3. Whoa! You will be unstoppable with a Silhouette machine!

  4. Those are so, so cute! Ok, totally nosy question I didn't want to ask on IG. Is your induction date pre due-date? Bc I'm scheduled a few days before mine and have been feeling all angsty/will I regret this-ish. But I also need to get on some Zoloft in the worst way! And I know 39.5 weeks isn't a bad time to be born! And that I've gotten her siblings excited! I'm just so nervy and unsettled feeling. Are you dealing with any of this? Or your situation may be totes dif

    1. no worries at all! it's all internet and i am an open book. my induction is pre-due date. about 39 weeks. I have no angst bc my bishop score (the thing they use to calculate induction readiness) is already good enough to go right now at 37 weeks (1 cm, 50% effaced, soft cervix, etc). i did have TEENSY breakdown about never really knowing "her REAL birthday." jesse gave me a massive eye roll and talked me off that ledge though. My biggest concern now is that she doesnt come even sooner!

      in terms of the Zoloft, i cant believe i never updated the blog, but i talked to my Dr. and got right back on my original RX. They said it was absolutely safer than the stress monster breakdown nightmares i was going through being off of it. TOTAL RELIEF. I realize this doesnt help you NOW, but yeah Zoloft is the JAM!

  5. These are awesome! Do you sell the designs that you created? I just found out I have a niece on the way and would love to make her some - I love the nature ones!