Baby Favies

I love a good mood board. One snapshot of a bunch of different items that capture a style and a feeling of a room, an outfit, a season, pretty much anything.  They are a great resource on Pinterest, and will often give you a great snapshot of your personal taste and style when you come across one that sings for you.

A friend recently asked me about doing a post with my favorite baby Noa items, so I threw together a fancy (to me) white compilation. 

Compared to the things I liked/bought for Judah and Layla, my style has come light years. Not only is my taste level much more thoughtful, but the items I am choosing to buy are actually much more meaningful since I love each one so much. I have ended up spending much less on this baby (even factoring in hand-me-downs), and yet I find a lot more joy and quality in Noa's stash than I did by buying meh things in bulk before.

Of the 15 items pictured, I own about half already. Some are DIY-able by me and so I won't need to purchase, and some are just wishes. The majority are handmade or from small businesses, which--as a small, handmade, business owner myself--imparts another dose of love and thoughtfulness into the item as well.

What are your favorites? Do you have any must-haves, or drool-inducers of your own in the wide world of new baby items that I need to know about?


  1. I love the PYT onesie, but B puled executive veto on my order.

  2. I have absolutely zero use for baby related posts usually but this was so timely! Those teether toys-- definitely happening for my cousins that are having baby boys on the same day. AND their shower is in 2 weeks and neither have registered. It's perfect!

  3. I loved the Aden & Anais swaddling cloths for both of my babies. They came in handy for swaddling, using as a makeshift nursing cover, cleaning up puke and sopping up breastmilk leakage, light blanket for car rides, etc. I used them for everything. Also the NoseFrida (snot sucker)... as gross as it looks and sounds, it really works great and has amazing reviews online.