tuesday's the day!

We are getting our gender ultrasound on tuesday morning. Ummm, I'm straight freakin'. Either way, I'm gonna flip out because we're going to be lopsided! Right now we have two boys, two girls and a token "baby" in our family, but come next week, that baby is taking sides! Oh man. Or woman!

please get your protrusion off her head, young man.

With Judah we just found out during the ultrasound. We let the tech tell us as soon as she saw and then show us the evidence. With Layla, we wanted to wait and do it later, maybe months later, so we got it in an envelope...and we made it to the parking lot where we recorded this little gem.

We know we want to do the envelope again this time and do something a little special. Nothing pink or blue on the inside or with other people, but probably just another video of our blammo-first reactions.

Here's what I know. 

-last appointment the heartrate was in the "girl" range according to that little belief
-the chinese lunar predictor says boy
-I have had 3 dreams about the baby and it was a boy in all of them.
-Layla thinks insists it's a girl named Pink Lollipop
-Judah thinks insists it's a boy
-I keep thinking of it as a "she" possibly because Layla talks about the baby a LOT and that's the pronoun she uses, and possibly because my last fetus was a She so that's freshest.
-I craved Captain D's (dont judge) constantly with Layla and when i ate it once this pregnancy I immediately barfed. I ate Krystal a lot with Judah (pregnancy nutrition expert, here!) and have been loving that this go round as well
-I have always pictured myself with 2 boys and one girl
-Sometimes when Judah is in an insane wrestle-fight-ninja frenzy with Jesse on the living room floor and Layla is just sweetly sitting next to me having girl talk, I think, "maybe doubling the estrogen wouldn't be so bad!"
-I was sick for 10 weeks with Judah, 14 with Layla and about 12 with this baby.

Accounting for some time for us to find out ourselves, to tell our families, and to generally process, we'll probably let you in on the news Tuesday. Until then, take your best guess on the little poll I added up at the top right of the page.

As much as we can't wait to find out on Tuesday, this is also a cool time that is coming to an end. I mean, for the rest of our lives we will know if this child is a boy or a girl, so I want to enjoy these last 4 days of "anything is possible" and letting it kind of be both in our minds. As a mom of older kids, it's INSANE to look back and realize that Judah and Layla were once just these genderless, blank little ideas to us, all the while being utterly themselves ready to explode into our hearts...we just didnt know it yet. 

For us, the gender ultrasound is huge. Of course, just having a baby in there (and starting to feel it like crazy!) is very special in itself. But we really don't know anything about this child besides it is one. Finding out the sex is like getting the first insight into our child's personality. Of course, there are plenty kids who bust the gender stereotype roles, but nevertheless, when we can start saying "he/she" instead of  "it" (which isnt the sweetest term, but i refuse to use the grammatically incorrect "they" as a neutral) our baby becomes SO much more real and we can start imagining--in broad strokes--what their life might look like. 

Another big deal for us is the ever-sacred "Naming of the Child." We take this very seriously (read what jesse wrote about that way back in 2009!!) and look at the naming of our kids as a chance to speak a blessing over their lives, or to claim something for them. Jesse is the master of the deep-thinking on these and wrote about how we came up with Judah and Layla's full names and what they mean to us. And make fun of us as you will (it's totally okay if you think we sound insane, you just name your kids Katniss and move on), you know it's true that 99% of the people you meet just SO fit their name.We definitely think there's power in a name. 

Ok then, log your vote and the next time you hear from us will probably be with the big ol' news. STRAIGHT FREAKIN'!

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