the guy who wishes he looked like jesse

so that was a fun game. almost every actor that yall guessed was one that i think is pretty foxy and am therefore okay with my husband resembling. EXCEPT the elijah wood vote (that occurred rather too frequently for my tastes. come on, yall.)

here were my 9 favorite guesses (including the real answer). this was a fun collage to make. really took me back to my Tiger Beat days. i thought the guesser of Gerard Butler was WAAAY off until i found this picture (he's top middle) and his face really does favor jesse's. guess i'll just have to go watch 300 again with that in mind...and sign jesse up for a wax and a loincloth/cape.

but the actual actor that the casting agent called jesse about being a stand in for was:


right?!?! the beyond-yummy love interest from Clueless, AND  indispensable special features reporter in Ron Burgundy's News Team from the ever-quotable and classic, Anchorman.

i lost my mind a little bit when i realized he had JUST starred opposite Tina Fey in a movie and thought, "OMG maybe its a sequel to that movie and jesse will meet her and this is how we become BFF FINALLY!!!"

alas, the movie they're filming is Ant Man and the female lead is probably Evangeline Lily (Kate from LOST...another fave). and double alas...since jesse is too tall at 6'1 to stand in for the 5'10 paul (who is actually pretty tall for an actor!) and wont be taking the role anyway.

if this has taught us anything though, it's that jesse can maybe be a stand in for about 12 other big actors. we'll start filling out his resume and preparing the guest room (nonexistent) for our esteemed future BFFs.

congrats to everyone who nailed it. Tamara edged out Emily by a mere twenty minutes and will be winning a kids scarf for her little girl! 


  1. Ha ha, Buck gets some of those too. Plus Elijah Wood and Nate Berkus (he doesn't think those are funny), Jeff Gordon, and Tom Cruise. If only he and Jesse averaged their heights, maybe Jesse could have made it. :)

  2. For Gerard Butler at his rugged, adorable, charming best. Watch PS I Love You.

  3. I totally guessed Paul Rudd, too! Ask Stevie!! Soooooo legit. Tell Jesse he's the man. Too bad about the Tina Fey thing though - don't we just all want to be her bff?! Thanks for sharing this fun surprise with us!