frozen fractals, all around

yall know we live in atlanta, right? (some of my more metro-area friends would argue that we are actually in the atlanta-adjacent territories of east bumble, but i claim the ATL and i claim it HARRRD, so you can pry my city-zenship from my cold, dead hands, city slickers!).

and you know that we just got "slammed" with 2 inches of snow on tuesday that virtually shut down the entire city for 2 days, leaving thousands stranded for hours upon hours in the gridlocked cars. let me acknowledge that that part was HORRIBLE. my friends stories of their 3 mile commutes taking 10 hours (with screaming children in the car!) made me want to cry. hundreds of kids had to sleep over in their schools as their parents were stuck trying to come pick them up. a baby was even born IN the traffic jams when the laboring mom's car was stuck in traffic! sheeeeesh.

we were fortunate enough to not be stuck in anything like that at all (except i was fully planning to go to IKEA to get some stuff that evening and probably would have insanely attempted it had my contact there not texted me that they were closing the store due to the insanity on the roads). so we got to have a pretty fun snow experience with the kids (with a side of guilt for enjoying something causing so much stress for others).

the kids were dismissed early from school as soon as the flurries began. when they came out to me in carpool line they were losing their minds over the snow.

on the ride home we decided that this was the worlds most perfect time to blast our "frozen" sound track (buy it now. do it) i mean when else in georgia would we have the chance to sing "beware the frozen heart" in an actual snow storm. i about ripped my throat open scream-singing every song.

by the time we were home our yard was almost covered (again, this is a BIG deal in GA where we get flurries maybe every year but actual play-in-the-snow accumulation only once every 3-5). i went up into our attic hoardings where we have amassed just an obscene amount of hand me downs from unknown numbers of lovely people. all i knew was that i have never bought any snow or ski apparel for my children, but possibly somewhere in the bins and bags and piles some better-prepared soul had bestowed something appropriate unto us.

i was thrilled to find ski jackets for both kids and even a ski bib for judah (thank you unknown saviors!) layla had to make do with leggings under sweatpants.

my dope-looking lil' ski bum

after playing a bit in the building snow, i was so sad to realize that the mittens we had for both kids were (duh) not going to work in snow since they were utterly un-waterproof (think target $1 bin basics). the kids started flipping out over their freezing wet hands.


she kept licking leaves to get the snow in her mouth. and her hat was making her a little quasimodo.

so rather than just taping some plastic bags around their hands, i geniusly decided to "run to target real quick" and get them some waterproof gloves and maybe a ski bib for lay.

a few considerations here:

1. we live in georgia. targets simply do not stock these things. like EVER.

2. it is january and target has had swimsuits on sale here for a good month now. nary a mitten in sight, but oh the bikinis!

3. the snowstorm was causing a mass exodus of everyone from everywhere and already there was HUGE traffic.

so that was the stupidest thing i have done in a good fortnight. we came home empty handed and frazzled after 2 hours in the car for a trip that should have taken 30 minutes (definitely not complaining though considering the commutes of others!)

all of the excitement converging with her usual naptime plus a cozy warm jacket and an extended car trip meant this lil' inuit was done-zo when we pulled in.

after naps jesse came home and got ready to take the kids over to the grand dukes house where there are ample hills, four wheelers, sleds and fun. i was going to stay home to get some sewing done. those jokers had a BLAST (especially when our friends and the dukes' neighbors, the Denny family with their 6 awesome kids came over to play too).

judah and his hero buddy, landon

sledding down the iced driveway like bosses! (let's never discuss the fact that grandaddy appears to be wearing a beret?)

3 of 4 adorable denny girls plus a layla-boo

but before jesse left with the kids, i had an idea. a chance to live out a dream that was not even fully formed yet. it would take two cell phones since i dont know how play music AND shoot video at the same time. this meant i had to do it in front of jesse (since i had his phone) though i would have MUCH MUCH rather been alone.

i would become queen elsa during her power ballad (i posted this on my instagram, but obviously it needs to live here too):

i am the least selfie-loving person ever. i hate the way i look in pictures and video and am pretty standard-girl insecure about looks in general, plus i like to make fun of serial-selfie takers and judge them as vain (i'm jesus, basically). so a selfie video was even more horrifying to me. yet my love for "frozen" and for being a stupid idiot for all the internet to observe won out. i spent a good 5 minutes spinning around our front yard video taping myself. i can only hope that lots of people drove by in this period and got a hearty chuckle out of the weirdo. 

i was so SO close to never letting a soul see this video (especially jesse, for some reason) but in the end i decided to just "let it go" and love it for the ridiculousness that it is.  i am definitely not a "conceal, dont feel" kinda chick, and here i raise my ebenezer that i can rock hard to some disney music.

next snowstorm i will be prepared with an old prom dress and a fishtail braid to shoot a full length version. i'm never going back...the past is in the past.


  1. You look as beautiful as Elsa!!!

  2. Love your blog! We are from ATL as well, living in Va now. We heard all the 'horror stories' from friends and family in Atl, in fact my son was in town visiting family during the snowpacalypse ;)
    Ah, the memories we have growing up of school closings and general shutting down of the city for a few flurries! Nothing like what happened last week though!