echo quilt : elephant gestation

oh, hey. i once blogged about my progress on a quilt i started back in march...of 2012. 

with the ferocity of a rabid honey badger, i have just barely snatched this project back from the brink of the abyss known as "projects keight forgot about." (thanks for the patchwork scraps, stupid!).

last thursday, 22 months later, i FINISHED! in this same time frame i could have also fertilized the egg of an african female elephant and loved her through gestation and birth of her elephant...cub? pup? gosling? 

i knew it was finally time to finish the quilt when i started feeling like i wanted to change the paint in our living room. see, last summer i added two accent stripes of color (one on each gray striped wall) and i used this fabric line as my color story. i actually took the fabrics themselves to home depot and matched them. so the fact the the paint inspired by the quilt is already seeming old and in need of a change BEFORE i have ever snuggled up under the quilt itself was a red patchwork flag that i needed to [apache] jump on it and complete this queen sized beauty beast.

the pin that inspired this layout...i pretty much straight up copied!

i opted for a vertical stripe pattern for the backing with a few of my favorite prints from the line and some coordinating solids. i opted to go with a soooper simple quilting pattern of plain rectangles. i HATE the quilting portion of quilts because my machine is tiny and i just really stink at it. i *might* try my hand at free motion, but i just dont know if i can fit in to the big girl panties it would take to try it out! (is it so hard? is it worth it?)

i'm a fuzzy smitten kitten over my woven etsy labels that i commissioned from The East. all my projects now sport one of these bad boys. this is the first one to go on something i made to keep to myself. i feel excited about this.

my sexy clothesline.

family heirloom fa life. believe dat.


  1. Sister-in-PPRHHHH!!1/24/14, 6:29 PM

    Calf! Baby elephants are calves. :D
    (Not googled, I got Ranger Rick as a kid.)

    And neat quilt! :)