worn, out (on the fire escape)

i have (re)discovered that if i take a leeetle bit of time putting together a solid outfit/hair/makeup situation in the morning, that i genuinely feel more confident and happier throughout the day. rather than fighting against this attitude shift on the grounds of possible superficiality or shallowness--and feeling blah about myself until i've come to a different moral conclusion (aint nobody got time for that!)-- i've just decided to roll with feeling good and making the most out of my closet.

here are three looks that i put together recently that i felt great in (even while photographing myself from a cellphone, pinched into a binder clip, taped to the rail of the fire escape, out back of my office). 

sweater top, $10, old navy
jeans, $18, old navy
sandals, $22, american eagle
necklace, $10, ruche (identical on etsysimilar, similar
messy side pony technique gal meets glam (look #5)

cardigan: $20, target 
jeans: old navy (similar, similar)
mini wedge shoes: $18, american eagle (similar, similar)
bracelet: $11, local (similar)
necklace, tog + porter (similar)

studded top: $49 dillards (inspired by stitchfix)
jeans, $13 (old navy)
navy wedges: $3, goodwill (similar)
earrings, $32 noonday collection (a great cause that helps women!)
purse, $28 target (similar, similar)
nail color, $6 essie in mint candy apple (obsessed!!)

for a long time i refused to dress myself "up" because i wasnt happy with my body. i said, "well, once i lose like 15 lbs, i will actually FEEL like dressing up more and buying clothes." this is a lie. i never felt like making the best of where i was, so i dressed blah. this made me feel blah, which did not engender a spirit of, " this body is awesome and WORKS and i will make the most of it," so i tended to treat it kind of blah with poor food and exercise choices (re: LOTS and none).

ironically, i started this recent little fashion blitzkreig at the same time that the 50 mile running challenge started, and i was SHOCKED to see that effort in one led to effort in the other (i had thought that running so much would make me never shower and only wear workout clothes). i was no longer ashamed of dressing my thighs in form-fitting pants because--even though they hadnt really changed sizes or anything--i was proud of them and the quads they contain for carrying me 6 miles in a day. and then after a day of feeling good in what i was wearing and in my own skin, i tended to feel really positive about going out and taking care of my body by running more. 

what a world, huh?

anyway, that's my little soapbox for today. IF i lose some poundage, i will enjoy getting new clothes in smaller sizes, but until then, i am going to invest effort in taking care of and making the most of the body i have now and the clothes that fit this fabulous, soft, healthy, strong, and spazzy bag of bones that i own.


  1. Your inspiration is inspiring to me! It helps that I inherited some new (to me) clothes and am feeling more like getting exercise for some reason, AND our new accountant at work dresses up every day, so was feeling like more of a slouch by not putting some effort into my clothes choices. It's been fun and has encouraged me to eat healthier! Love the way that works:)

  2. ps. The middle one is my favorite--really slimming and TOGETHER! You look GREAT!

  3. Work it girl! Love the last two outfits. I bought a lot of "work" clothes this summer and vowed to dress professional and you are so right. I feel better and actually more confident and professional. Like they say, "Don't dress for the job you have, dress for the job you want!"