wild thing(s)

i still have the first caterpillar that i ever met bronzed and displayed on my trophy shelf (false) so recording this magical milestone for layla was crucial. actually she just looked adorable and i kind of cant stop myself from documenting her little face off.

spying the beast (and in a not-too-shabby athletic ready position)

 identifying the beast as the same one from her favorite book, "ah moh-day he eat wuh appuhl..."

 "whoa! WTF kind of daredevil is this guy?!"

 terrified and thrilled all at once by his death-defying hijinks

 "oh wait, now that i look at you, you're kind of gross"

 "i am, like, SO over you."

 "haha j/k capper-tiller, i'm gonna touch and pet and hug you til your guts come squirting out!"

"starting with this"


  1. So cute...LOVE watching little ones learn and explore! Really hope she doesn't pick up the WTF from you though!

  2. everybody remain calm! i dont say WTF (abbreviated or unabridged) around m'kids. hopefully she can learn about swears the way the rest of us did: on the streets.

    1. Glad you clarified that! I have trouble imagining any of my grands (or other chidren for that matter) thinking those words unless they heard it all the time.

    2. Ya, the WTF caption on a picture of your little girl is a bit awkward!

    3. Ya, the WTF caption on a picture of your little girl is a little awkward.

  3. Adorbs. I hope I can create a human as cute as her someday. :3