Halloween 2015: Guardi-ukes of the Galaxy

Another October, another insane, homemade family costume for us.

I saw Guardians of the Galaxy months after it came out. I am not a huge fan of the recent Marvel movies (they take themselves too seriously), so despite my love (LOVE-AH) for Chris Pratt in Parks and Rec, I wasn't too interested when this came out.

But I kept hearing great things about it as more of a comedy/rock opera than your typical superhero fare. That, plus a few articles on Chris' new abs sold me. 

I paid $6 to watch it on the plane out to Utah when Noa and I went in December during maternity leave. I paid $6 again to watch it on the return flight too. And then I paid to rent it from RedBox and make my family watch it when I got home. Then I paid to buy it AND its soundtrack. 

It's hilarious and the music rules. Watch it now.

It took maybe 45 minutes watching it before I realized that this could be our group costume--assuming Judah and Layla liked the movie, which they very much did (note: this is PG-13, but most of what makes it so goes over the head of a 4 & 6 year old. I think it might not be appropriate for a 8/9 year old who could catch more of the sexy innuendo jokes or cuss words, but mine are young enough to be clueless).

This year Jesse and I made the BRILLIANT decision to not stay dressed up ourselves when we left the house--drastically decreasing the discomfort and embarrassment factor. This was huge because we went real trick-or-treating in our new neighborhood this year instead of to a contained Fall Festival. I cannot have our neighbors having this as their first impression of us. 

Also, by the time I finish all the last minute DIY's, I am in full Stress-Dragon mode, and don't really want kids coming up to me talking to me like I am whatever character I'm dressed up as that year. GROOT WILL DESTROY YOU.

It was fabulous to be able to just wear jeans and have my penchant for dressing up as a tree in my backyard be my little secret.

Halloween 2k15. Boo-ya

Judah as Peter Quill/Starlord

My favorite part of Judah's was the addition of the orange headphones. Judah's favorite song of all time since watching this is "Come and Get Your Love," so he needed the headphones.

Flying, duh.

Not about it.


The coat (which appears as both a signature trench and a short version in the movie) is made from a ladies' velvet blazer from Goodwill with some leather scraps sewn on. Judah was not pleased at first when I pulled this out of the bag, but the sewing skills made it something he loved so much that he currently sleeps in bed with. Like a blankie. Spectacular weirdo.

The orb. You'll never possess it, Ronan! (Possessing Chris wouldnt be so bad...)

Layla as Gamora. 

Layla plays a raven-haired, sword wielding badass chick for the second year in a row! Green facepaint, a green rashguard from Goodwill turned her into the green-hued beauty you see before you. I cut down a cargo shirt to make the vest and added some duct tape gemstones. Also, toned down the cleave.

Layla was ALL ABOUT getting into character and recreating scenes.

She was even okay recreating the almost-smoochy scence that turns into a butt-kicking and one of the funniest lines of the movie: PELVIC SORCERY! (sorry that image is cruddy)

Noa Lou as Rocket Raccoon. 

Noa was the perfect size to play rocket! I found a used baby raccoon costume on eBay for way cheap over the summer and just added a yellow shirt and duct tape. Noa was pretty steady on the "bewildered" side of things in terms of her reaction to this family production. So she didn't really channel the character like I would have hoped. I'm disappointed by her acting skills.

Speaking of skills, check out Jesse as Drax the Destroyer!

Silver facepaint and swimcap, plus some tattoo stickers and a homemade shirt with implants...of muscles.

aaaaaand as per usual, I get whatever costume and character is left over. This time it was Groot. I AM GROOT.

Groot was surprisingly easy and cheap to make. Twisted craft paper and cardboard over earth tone clothes. I should have added more roots. I'm thinking the whole Mommy-as-Groot thing, is what interfered with Noa's concentration that day.

Yeah. She was...perplexed. If not downright terrified. Even though I was extra friendly version of Groot.

Sometimes terrified.

Weird how Jesse's natural abs are riding up.

 FIIIIIGHT (this one Judah was all about recreating)

 They are the winners of the family acting prizes.

smiling to ensure her safety with the camera person in exchange for escape from the flora that ate mommy.

The thrill of this conquest lasted maybe an hour. Around bedtime that night I was already, "oh my gosh Jesse, what are we going to do next year?!? We'll never think of anything!" And then I put those thoughts away until the very last minute next year.

This is now our most consistent, well-documented family tradition. I don't even know what to think about that.

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