Another Hilarious Ebay Moment

I already had one hilarious encounter on eBay regarding athletic apparel, and today I had another. 

I was trying to find some Georgia Tech sweatpants to buy online because the university doesn't just give me like 4 free pairs per year any more (lame, right?), and all the pairs I had during my volleyball career as a player are starting to disintegrate from 15 years of use (they lasted longer than my muscle tone!).

So imagine my surprise when my search results included...myself, staring back at me along with two of my (badass all-american superstar) teammates. In the form of the media guide from our senior year.

Even my maiden name is part of the item title!

I am pretty sure I already have one of the priceless vintage relics of sports memorabilia somewhere in the attic, but for just $25 now you can have one of your very own! 

I am not a fan of that action shot they chose for the cover--my pony is way limp and my dumps too much like a truck (truck, truck)--so here are some fonder snapshots of that time that I will now compare to what's in the mirror, and try not to downward spiral facefirst into some doughnuts.

Um, why the HELL would this chick ever put on sweats?!?! I should have been walking around pantsless (well I basically was, I guess).

Fun fact: Layla asked to see me do a volleyball jump the other day and I got about 3 inches off the ground and was sore the next day. #CrushingIt.

I could probably recreate this arm-look right now, but with a mid-flight fat flap in place of a tricep.

 A white girl with cornrows. Majestic. 

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