catching up: judah's hidden talent

Judah shows off his skill of tooting on command. I had discovered this talent several times before when i was alone with him, but could never reproduce it for jesse, so i tried to catch it on tape while jesse was out of town and got it on the first try! this will be a wonderful party trick for him when he gets older plus its VERY useful right now for when he has gas and cant push it out himself. This was on 6-20 just before his 4 week birthday. once again, please forgive my baby voice...i am mortified by myself but cant resist posting them even still because he's so cute!


  1. This needs to go straight to American's Funniest Home Videos!!!!

  2. I am laughing SO hard right now. Oh my word!

  3. When he's older one day... he will do the "pull my finger trick" and when someone pulls his finger, he'll have to say - 'Hold on I have to get on the ground and pull my legs in the air!' :)