Noa's Quilt: Done!

It's a record! Layla's baby quilt (my first ever quilt) was barely finished before her first birthday, and Judah didn't get his medieval-themed twin-sized bad boy until he was almost three. The fact that Noa is snuggling and drooling on hers at 5 months means I deserve several medals. Feel free to ship them to me.

The fabric:  Tule collection by Leah Duncan for Art Gallery Fabrics. Entire collection used.
The binding: Simple white dots on Navy from Joann
Piecing style: Log cabin, 2' strips (to have a connection with Layla's)
Size: Crib size, about 44" square
Quilting pattern: ultra-easy diagonal X's across the 16 blocks

Fabric purchased back in June--4 months before her due date.

4 blocks done by August...and not a lot in between then and this past week.

The results:

Thanks, daffodils, for blooming just in time to be perfect matching spring scenery.

Over the picket fence like I'm artsy, fools.

We only ever rake the picket fenced-in part of the back yard so there is like 9 years of leaf cover over on this side.

The back was a quick and simple patchwork with the leftovers. I love how it features the same fabrics but in a completely different way...totally changing the look.

Heavens, I love a hand-bound quilt with perfect mitered corners.

Happy, happy loving feelings

Even prettier background scenery: big sis!

 What does the intended recipient think?

She thinks it's jaw-droppingly great.  (And if she didnt want me putting words in her mouth then she shouldn't have opened it so wide).

She picked you some flowers.

Working those pectoral muscles.

 Our lil' Spring Bean

She better not even think about learning to crawl.

 Someone take her keys, I think she's had too much

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