Judah and Layla Meet Noa

We've had our Noa for a month now. I'm typing this with one hand while I feed her and gaze upon her wonders. They are manifold:

I wasnt planning to do the sticker-months pictures...until I saw this set on a friend's daughter and immediately copied them. Brace yourself for 11 more.

I havent gotten all of the professional birth photos back yet, and I definitely need those to write the birth story (yeah, let's say that's the reason for the delay and not because I'm eating leftover calzones at 4 am and sleeping during normal blogging hours).

I do have two proofs of the moment that Layla and Judah both saw Noa for the first time. The moment wasnt as hilarious as when we told them we were having a baby, but it does explode my feelings. LOVE EVERYWHERE:

Wouldn't you just give anything to know what they were thinking/saying at these moments?


I knew I would want a video of this magic moment too, so my beautiful friend Steph taped the whole thing for us. I seriously cant stand everything happening in these moving pictures, y'all. You can see the looks of dumbfounded joyful spazziness/disbelief I keep throwing to every adult in the room because I was pretty shocked at how picture-perfect the big kids were. I knew they'd be excited and fascinated, but I had no idea they would morph into living Hallmark moments.

Their shirts say Brother Bear, Sister Bear and Baby Bear. From MaisonWares on Etsy. 

More to come soon, smoochie-poos!


  1. Shut. Your. Face. Up.

  2. I have no idea how a single eye in that place stayed dry. Sweetest thing I've seen in a looooong time. Congrats, Dukes!

  3. Ok tears that is preciousness!