I feel like I have pretty well covered my passionate love for IKEA on this blog (and gushing over what a dream it was to work with them on the kids' room!) If you want to claim I am overstating it, I will fight you at a time and place of your choosing, but assuming you believe me, we can just move on.

When I was a kid, catalogues were heaven. From the huge tomes that were like 3 inches thick to just the weekly newspaper inserts (my brother and I would dive into the discarded parts of my parents' sunday editions screaming, "find the glossies! THE GLOSSIES!"), something about all the pretty things right there for our eyes to gobble up and dream of owning was slightly magical.

The internet put a stop to lots of that "can't see it anywhere else" charm of catalogues, but IKEA's yearly glossy volume still stands alone and apart for me as one I have to have in hard copy. Browsing it online is awesome, but flipping through the pages with my own greedy mitts and imagining I'm on my own personal Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler nighttime escapade in the store all by myself as I turn the pages is an experience apart. 

Another benefit of the hard copy: it's just so pretty that it can fully pull off coffee table art.  I declare it to be so.

IKEA just released their 2015 catalogue (get one sent to you), and I have already spent a good deal of time soaking up gorgeous Swedish inspiration, and the unique smell of the glossy pages themselves.  Nothing gets my nesting/makeover/productivity mojo popping like a ride through this bad boy.  Inspiration abounds!

Here are a few things that I can't get out of my head since seeing them in the 2015 catalogue:

We have no rooms left for a nursery, so I shouldn't EVEN be looking at these pages, but man the crib is speaking to me. It's saying "mama, come get me!"

This entire little melange makes me so happy. The textures, the colors, the STORAGE! 

Hear me now: THIS IS our next bed. 

Fun fact: my 5th grade Invention Convention project was a bed with drawers underneath which I dubbed "The Sleeper Keeper" (I guess IKEA's choice of "BRIMNES" works too). I didn't know this type of bed was already invented and thought I was the first one to solve that dilemma (forgive the 10-year-old for not knowing all of bedroom suits).

So this bed is a childhood dream realized with IKEA style and price. The storage possibilities with the 4 huge built in drawers underneath and the sneaky headboard shelves/ledge have me buzzing with giddiness. 

To celebrate their their 2015 catalogue launch IKEA Atlanta is giving away a $100 giftcard (which can be used in any of their stores). You can enter here:
 -Contest will run from August 1, 2014 – August 31, 2014
Winner will be contacted via Twitter and prizes will be available on or before September 2, 2014
-follow along on twitter with the hashtag #IKEAcataLOVE


  1. do you remember going through the service merchandise catalogue during sleepovers to outfit our dream house?

    1. BAHAHAHAHAHA YES! i knew in my head it wasnt Sears but for the life of me could not remember what that color-coded dream-volume was. oh man. your memory bestows yet another hilarious gift upon me. i