BYOF....will yall be my F


remember how i said i was teaming up with my corporate crushmonster, IKEA, for some exciting things in the kiddos room? well here we are, nigh on three month since we started by adding the play loft and the room is almost done. 

of course, i shan't actually let you see the results until everything is spic and span, so go ahead and prepare to be teased in that regard. but here are a few little nugglets of the room in progress.

the kids have been unceremoniously kicked out of their room and made to sleep in the studio/office as we toil by night next door. they actually love this and call it "camping." of course, everyone knows the word camping means "wrestle and terrorize each other nonstop until you decide to join forces to get out of bed and ransack mother's perfectly organized spaces by night."

my electrician surveys our fuggo BEFORE lighting and plans his attack (by garrote!)

holy moly, we re-floored the room by ourselves, narrowly avoiding institutionalization AND divorce in the process. it was worth it. peace out, carpet a la hazmat! (please note Michael Scott managing us via satellite. we are scared by how much we love him.)

the STUVA skeleton being set up. this hefty lil' bank of built-in glory is the cornerstone of the room and makes TONS of beauty, organization and general wonderment possible.

i promise i will drown your eyeballs with better lit, prettier, and more inclusive photos of this transformation SOON.

BUT OH, HEY, HERE'S SOME AWESOME! every year IKEA hosts a BYOF event at their stores nationwide. BYOF stands for "bring your own friends" and is a day full of freebies, giveaways, discounts and general Blue-and-Yellow awesome that we've come to expect from our favorite Swedish overlords. 

it is happening on Saturday, March 8th, and yall (i almost cant even type it), i am giving a little workshoppy seminar (because adding a fake word to a serious grown-up one helps me) at noon on how we transformed the kids' room from necessary jumbled evil to magical, organized and dare i say, pretty space! 

let's just pause for a moment and reflect on how swoony i have been about IKEA for a good 10-15 years now and how bananarama coconuts thrilling this is for me to get to go sort-of-kind-of BE one of them for a day! honored, nervous, humbled, confused, giddy...these are all relevant words (dont know if i'm elated or gassy...but i'm somewhere in that zone).

so i would love (LOVE!) if any of you local-ish folkish people would come look at the finished product of the kids' room and say hi to me, provide moral support (because i think there is a britney spears mic involved, and i just cant do that alone!), and general just let me meet/snuggle you.

everyone who comes to the BYOF event gets a free breakfast, a free IKEA blue bag, free chair massages (not by me...no worries), free meatballs and--if you eat in the restaurant and then spend $150--you get your entire meal receipt total deducted from your total. check out the day's events to get details on all that's going on.

but the most important thing of your life, and just life on earth in general, i think,, is to come play with me at noon on March, 8th at IKEA atlanta (RSVP here!). okay i may be overstating it a bit, but i would love to stack the audience with friendsome faces. especially if/when i do something embarrassing right into my pop princess mic. 

and so, on this valentimes i ask you, will you be my F?


  1. That is so awesome! If I'm in Atlanta that day, I'll definitely stop by! Ikea is amazing...just wish it was closer to me. Chick Fil A too. Michigan lacks so many good things.....ok rambling....I'm sure you'll do great!

  2. I wish I lived in Atlanta because I would so be there with bells on (Justin said he would go to heckle). That is rad and I am so happy for you. What an awesome opportunity. Rock it out girl!

  3. Would love to be there and see you in action!!! You'll be awesome, I'm sure (you can always practice on me if you want to try it out--if you can teach me, you can teach anybody)!! Will let you know if I can swing it.

  4. Fun! Can't wait to see the kids' room reveal! And totally wish I was going to be near the Atlanta IKEA to cheer you on!

  5. WHAT! We just happen to be going to ATL on the 8th to go to IKEA! What a bonus that I will get to see you work your magic! See you there.