adorability, thy name is bob.

i took the kids to get their end-of-summer haircuts yesterday. i'm not big on back-to-school festivities just for the sake of them (i.e. the kids backpacks from last year are just fine again this year), but since this was the state of aff-hairs (eh?....eh?), BEFORE, it was fairly necessary:

 i called these looks "summer rabid"

judah's haircut is filed under "big whoop." he gets them all the time because his hair grows ohsofast and we like  it long (even when cut) so it gets shaggy quickly. i wont say anymore about his haircut, besides the fact that after his hippie shag, he always looks so nerdy with his classy/conservative 'do, AND that he maaaaay be too big for the hummer seat at the haircut place:

it looks like Yao Ming driving a smart car (he only got to go here because layla was...he's a regular at the plain old barber now)

so laya. her FIRST EVER HAIRCUT! it felt like sacrilege to even consider trimming her tresses since we waited so long for them to arrive. she was still a barely-mulleted fuzzikins at one and a half so the thought of moving backwards to LESS HAIR after just over a year with piggies and ponies was almost inconceivable. 

but her hair was officially "long,"constantly unruly, crusted with food, and a nest of wispy messballs because of the superfine baby hair along the ends.

 enjoying a popsicle, or "popculuh," sunday morning (sand and sticks)

and so on monday i french braided her into pigtails for what would be the last time and took her to the dr. for a well checkup. she got 3 shots and we discovered she is in the 99th percentile for height (!) and the 96th for weight. i LOVE this. (FTR: 40 inches tall and 36 lbs. that doesnt SEEM big for a 2 year old).

showing off her muscles after losing the fight against the shots. (such angst)

yesterday when i finally committed to cutting her hair  this was how things looked before we loaded up:

 messy and adorable and they will definitely be back. 

without telling jesse (i am the sultan of kids hair/fashion in our home so i'm allowed to make these calls) i took them off to the kiddie salon and plopped lay lay down and requested a chin-length bob. i figured go big or go home. if we were going to get a haircut i wanted to GET A HAIRCUT. i had been around a few little girls with bobs lately and thought, "this is the perfect age to rock this look," and also: "hey, that looks easy to get oatmeal out of!" i was going to make a game-time decision on whether or not to go for blunt, straight across bangs too.

 sis was not remotely fazed by the scissors or the idea of a haircut.

"wha dat?!" she demanded when these appeared on her head. then she answered her own question, "dey budda-fies."  yes, those ARE called butterfly clips, lay. great guess!

she reinforced an unpleasant recent development by immediately choosing the barbie bug to sit in. somehow, she loves barbie even though we have never talked to her about it, showed it to her or remotely encouraged this. i guess she learned it on the streets. she asks me all the time, "you lahk bah-bie?" and i have to grimace and go, "mmmm, no honey. barbie is dumb. real girls dont look like that and are generally much smarter." this is not working at all and she continues to love the impossible plastic bimbo (i am at least comforted that there are now "smart" barbies who have educations and gainful employment. but call me when one has a realistic waist to bust ratio). 

i was SHOCKED with myself as i sat down to watch the first snip. i was gripped with panic and nostalgia and the urge to PULL THE PLUG on this haircut and whisk my baby and her virgin follicles away. i did NOT expect to be mushy or weird about a first haircut at ALL, but i swear cutting that first hair was more traumatic for me than cutting the umbilical cord!

and then minutes later the cut was done and the dryer came on to finish:

OMG that tiny squnched face inside that adorable big girl haircut being nervous about a hair dryer... can you even stand it? i CANNOT.

little prissy-bot got a side-bangs pony (i decided to NOT to blunt bangs and stand by this choice) without my permission and it brought a whole new level of sugar-sweetness to the look that even that nasty rootbeer flavored dum-dum couldnt compete with.

obviously, this is how we show off a haircut.

we went to church to surprise jesse where he A: failed to notice the cut for a good minute and then B: tried to get huffy with me about not asking him first. then he came through with awesome daddy praise for this pretty thang.


great side shot of the cut with hula arms.

we got her BFF (and mine) steph, our childrens minister, to pin her down for a forced photo. layla passively resisted via elvis-lip. well-played, young padawan.

dont be fooled. this is not compliance...it's smiling because i whipped out a paci. oi.

for the record: she is still quite able to get food in her new hair. 

heavens to mergatroid, this munchkin has amped up the sassafrass!

now everyone look away while i tearfully stroke the leftover scraps of hair that i salvaged off the salon floor and spirited away...nothing to see here.


  1. Adorable!!! Love the new cuts! I totally understand the anxiety of that first cut, I think I personally thanked everyone of MB's hairs when they started coming in. Also 36lbs is super impressive, way to go Layla! MB is about 32lbs soaking wet, I got to fatten that girl up big time!

  2. Oh wow, it's so cute! Love that length on little girls.

  3. So adorable!! Makes her look much older (which I'm not sure is what you want to hear ...)

  4. My heart is happy! Layla is rocking the bob, you scraped up some scraps, and we share our distaste (and our daughters' equal affinity) for Barbie. oy.

  5. Love it! My daughter, who will be 3 in a few weeks, was born with lots of hair, and has had many a haircut since. But per her father's wishes we are attempting to grow it, so each haircut has only been a "trim." Well, her hair is now below her shoulders and curly. Oh yeah, and she won't let me brush it, or put it up in any way. Yet she complains about being hot and it being in her face all the time. I have always always had bangs, so she does too (which my husband also doesn't like, but he admitted after we got them cut really short the last time, that it WAS better ;) DUH ) Anyway, we're going to Mexico for vacation right before her birthday, and I am terrified at what her hair will be like: salt water/sunscreen/curly hair mess. So I've been planning on getting it cut short before we go. Tomorrow is the day :) I would like to go as short as Layla's, but probably will chicken out.

  6. Such tender moments--loving the way you surprise yourself with the mush that's definitely inside you, and how Jesse, Judah and Layla bring it out!!! Oh, the power of LOVE. I think Jesus said something about that:)

  7. Such tender moments--loving the way you surprise yourself with the mush that's definitely inside you, and how Jesse, Judah and Layla bring it out!!! Oh, the power of LOVE. I think Jesus said something about that:)

  8. ps. I love the cut, but moved s-l-o-w-l-y down the page, as I knew whatever you did would make her look older, and had to brace myself so I'd be ready to see it! Mush doesn't fall far from the in-law tree!