up to our necks

if you replaced each leaf with one task or responsibility or stressor in my life right now, this is about how i'd feel. 

the kids and jesse have been taking turns getting sick (2 cold, 2 ear infections, and now the FLU) for the last 10 days. ominously, i am feeling a suspicious tickle in my throat right now. i'm hoping its just hysterical empathy and that none of the instances of the kids coughing in my unsuspecting mouth have taken root as infections. and i think it was just an allergy attack, but one day last week i sneezed over 80 times. you know the old saying that a nseeze is like 1/10th of an orgasm? well, at that conversion rate, that day should have been way more fun for me than it actually was.

i have twenty christmas sewing orders to turn out for customers this week plus making gifts for lots of folks in my own life. i know there was a point in my life when i sewed for fun, but it's as distant as the last time i saw my abs.

there are so many things around the house that need to get done (including, evidently, RAKING the back yard. we have the michelle duggar of oak trees and it just never stops raining down its fertile bounty on us).

sadly the blog seems to be the first thing to go in times like this, but i am gleefully stuffing my sorries in a sack because i am in love with this period of our lives right now. the kids have never been more fun, it's CRIMUS time, my husband is my #1 human on the planet, i love our church and small groups, i have a hobby that makes money for our family,  i've started running again, and a ka-google other things that i am thankful for. 

so i am hunkering down in this gigantic pile of life and enjoying being right here right now. 


  1. We are feeling you on the sickness :( Nonstop since thanksgiving in our house...just can't seem to shake it! Praying things calm down for you and the kiddos can enjoy santa germ free!!!