is this what nesting feels like?

we are not typically over-achievers. we are normally championship procrastinators...not so with judah's room! we started buying nursery furniture around thanksgiving/christmas time. we weren't trying to jump the gun or anything, its just that my parents wanted to give us the crib and the glider/ottoman for our big baby gift and so i was looking online occasionally. well, i am a fast online-shopper, so i found the one i loved almost immediately. we had it set up before new years. after that it just all spiraled out of control: bedding, glider, changing table, toy chest, painting, cleaning...and now, at just 5 months pregnant, the nursery is complete for the most part. we are going to be bored for the next 4 months. oops.

we werent all about the "themes" of baby rooms, like sports stuff or tractors or bears or anything, because i know i would probably get really sick of whatever the theme was unless it was something i REALLY LOVED...which wasnt a lot as far as baby themes go. well, we knew all along that the baby's name would relate to psalm 112 (see last post) and a cool part of that psalm is how "even in darkness, light dawns for the upright." and we have loved the imagery of our son shining like star in the darkness. so we decided to go for a quasi-theme of stars (i am still stubbornly not calling it a theme, even though it is). we found some cool yellow and gold striped bedding that had light blue star patterns accents, and so we went for it (plus, bonus: TECH colors!).

for awhile, with all the white furniture and yellow material it really looked like a girls room and it was driving me nuts. but then jesse went out of town for a weekend and i broke all the safety rules and painted the whole room navy all by myself: 2 vaulted ceiling walls and 3 coats of paints on each! no fear: i used low-VOC paint, wore a mask, opened the window, turned on the fan, and always had my cell phone on in case i fell off the ladder and paralyzed myself, so i was never in too much danger. this was a gift to jesse, really, since i had told him he would have to do it all himself the following weekend. with the navy color ("star-spangled" by olympic to be exact-how fitting!) on the walls, we were feeling much more testosteroni and positive about the whole room. the final touch were some awesome stars that we spray painted on the walls just this week.

here is where we are now with not much left to do:

these go from left to right as you are standing in the center of the room. this is the changing table/dresser. this is on one of the vaulted ceiling walls so there is a lot of blank space. we are probably going to buy/make some cool art like a big canvas with something yellow/white/light blue on it to go over this centered on the wall.

the corner. the matching hamper and a diaper genie will go back here probably (there is a matching yellow/white stripe diaper stacker hanging on the end of the crib that you cant see). we will stand back here for diaper changing time. that is a toy/stuffed animal hammock up in the corner...there will eventually be another up in the corner on the other side of the crib.

the crib. the window is not centered so the crib is either centered on the wall OR the window...never both. drives my OCD side nuts! we might get a window treatment one day.

this is where the other toy hammock will go. also a little corner bookshelf will be in this corner. above the toy chest will be a little white shelf with coat pegs for a little coat/shoe putting on area that doubles as a toy chest. this is the other vaulted ceiling, so we need some vertical filler still

the closet that we SLAVED to clean out. jesse asked while hauling VERY heavy boxes from here up to the attic, "is this what nesting feels like?" i said, "no, it should hurt more in your back...keep going!" the baskets in the tower will be spray painted blue or yellow, they wont stay natural wood color. thanks mom-o and big daddy (grand-vincents) for the ottoman and rocker (and crib)

this is not the official mobile that came with our sheet set; that one was uber-feminine. so we found this guy at pottery barn that had our exact colors AND stars. the sailboats are kind of random, but i like to think of him "sailing" off to sleep and dreams among the stars. so cheesy.

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  1. Kright, This room is adorable, and I LOVE your description and pictures, and yes, the cheesy parts especially!!! I'm wild about cheesy! who else would call themselves Lovie Lu?????