the apple of our...uterus

today: the baby is as big as an apple right now. we had our 3rd prenatal visit (15 weeks) and got to hear the heartbeat and the baby's movements on the baby doppler machine. dr. cook told us that you can "hear" movement in there because the machine actually doesnt detect noise (its not like there is any noise really in the womb); instead it takes vibrations like the heartbeat or the baby wiggling around and translates them into noise. then, he let us put our hand over the speaker of the machine to retranslate the sound back into vibrations and kind of "feel" the heartbeat and the movements. so cool! everything is going well, i am feeling great finally and-bonus-i have only gained 4 pounds in the first trimester (yes!).

next up: the day that we have been waiting for for what seems like eternity: December 15. we are having the optional 3D ultrasound to find out the gender. we are beyond excited. i have no idea or premonition of what it is going to be. i have had exclusively "boy" dreams so far, but i also picture a little pink bundle plenty. we think we are hoping for a boy slightly more, but we can find tons of things to feel so excited and blessed about no matter what the sex of the baby. we are excited just to SEE the little fella/gal. the last time we saw anything was the 7 week ultrasound and it was pretty much all umblical cord, heartbeat, and blob (see below), so we are ecstatic to see something that looks like a human!

7 week ultrasound

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  1. Keight, I absolutely love your precious, unique perspective, and it's so awesome to read your thoughts at different stages. Thanks for doing the blog...I love it!
    Lovie Lu