I Will Try...to Fix You

*EDIT: I had mentioned a code for a $20 off your first box earlier, but I spoke to Stitch Fix and apparently that code does not work, so I've removed that part of this post. I apologize profusely for the confusion!

File this one under BFD, because yes. Two big things (well,one is actually NOT big--by design).

I've share with y'all all about my experiences with Stitch Fix. The most frequent question I get about them is "do they have maternity/petite/plus sizes?"  I know they are hard at work on the third component of the question and I just found out today that the answer to the first two is now a resounding YES.

Stitch Fix is now offering maternity and petite clothing! I may need to go get impregnated just to have another amazing preggo Stitch Fix experience (and my items weren't even maternity clothes...the stylists are just that good! Imagine what they'll be able to do with actual maternity-wear). Okay, totally not really would I actually do that, but I might still request some maternity clothes because they're just plain comfortable!

These new dedicated sizes and designs are so helpful because they are cut specifically for preggos (just tell your stylist your due date and what you're looking for) and petite frames (shorter inseams/arms, narrower shoulders). Stitch Fix has listened to the cries of our pregnant and petite hearts and added these two new lines to reach as many women as possible.

I hope y'all know that I am a picky monster about the stuff I back or promote here on the blog. I have been very honest about all my fixes, and what kept me coming back to Stitch Fix--even after a few boxes that weren't favorites--was their drive to learn about me and my totally unique bod to make me look and feel great. 

Be honest in your style profile: tell them your real weight (they won't tell anyone!), what parts you like to flaunt/downplay, if you want all tops or no dresses or only black pants. They want to make you look and feel great! There have been many times when they sent me something I thought I would hate when I first saw it because it was so far outside my comfort zone, but because it was in my box I gave it a try and ended up loving it and having my fashion horizons broadened.

So there ya go. Preggies and teeters (I just made that term up for petites...let's roll with it) can now get fixed knowing they've got you covered too--or uncovered in whichever strategic areas you'd like to flaunt...*sassy salsa dancing emoji*.

Tell all your pregnant and petite hottie friends good news!

If you want my ultra-honest, mega-awkwardly modelled reviews of my own past fixes, here's the diggity down low (I have a new box coming this weekend that I'm very excited to try on and share with yall):

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