Gift Guide for Low Effort Women

I'll have to let someone who wears a bra daily and her hair down more than once a fortnight do her version of this guide. I realized as I was making this that it looks like a gift guide for the ill or elderly which is.... honestly, fitting. 

1. White Noise // 2. Heaven's Mug // 3. Clay Mask Scrub // 4. Fleece Socks // 5. Foundation // 6. Migraine Ice Cap // 7. Pain Free Brush // 8. Undies // 9.  Wristlet // 10. Tweezers // 11. Shaver  // 12. Waterproof Kindle // 13. Tyler Detergent // 14. Cream Blush // 15. Nightingale // 16. Wine Chiller/Pourer // 17. Studs // 18. Dry Shampoo // 19. Chopper

1. White Noise I've bought 3 of these since I got the first 5 years ago. Once as a gift (they loved it so much they bought another one for their sibling's wedding!) and once to have a second one because i DO NOT TRAVEL WITHOUT this and Jesse was sad at home without it. The top volume of this machine is amazing and like being on an airplane) plenty of low volumes too. If there's one thing I am elite at: it's sleeping. This is my MVP

2. Heaven's Mug: Look its expensive, I know. But you heft one of these once and youll know why (also they are all handmade in Atlanta and Asheville and the company is so freaking responsible and magical).

3. Clay Mask Scrub: I dont want to know about skincare from someone who has amazing skin. Im realizing "Good skin" is just genetics and using sunscreen. So I wont sit here and say this gives me good skin, BUT it does make my skin feel really good and fresh and smooth. I use it as a scrub every few days or leave on longer as a mask occaisionally. the 2oz bottle is $36 retail (INSANE), but I always buy on eBay (('m on my 4th tube in 4 years) and can get twice as much for less than $20.

4. Fleece Socks: Sometimes i get cold feet and no amount of wrapping the bed covers around them will warm them. These are the very very best for when you're the right temp but your feet are frozen. My mom gave me my first pair of these in 10ths grade and I still have them. I have a few more pairs too now. 

5. Foundation: One time my friend Steph was getting ready in the backseat of the car. I lept turning around to chat with her from shotgun and after she had put this on it was like I turned around and she had put on an IG filter. I bought this the next day. (I'm Birch 1.5 for reference).

6. Migraine Ice Cap For those hormonal headaches I get a few times a month that medicine doesnt touch. This has a hole for high ponytail, 9 gel packs that freeze hard to use as counterpressure and can be pulled down over your eyes.

7. Pain Free Brush I have crazy tangly hair for it being so straight. After getting fresh highlights it turns into one big wet dreadlock after I've washed it. This baby gets my untangled with zero rage tears (kid approved too).

8. Undies: Ive been wearing  these since AE released the style in 2002. I used to get livid when any of my teammates wore the same ones...because I'm a delight. But now I want everyone to know the comfort of these and I have learned to share.

9. Wristlet: When I need to carry more than my phone (which is my wallet too) But when I am being fancy and have a few other things to carry This little fella is great. I love the 2-tone leopard and brown for sass.

10. Tweezers: Death to tweezer that don't grab. This has been my go-to brand for years and I have a pair of these in both cars, my makeup bag, my nightstand and my desk. Yeah. 

11. Shaver: Continuing the glamour parade of being a 39 year old woman: this little thing lives in my makeup bag too for when I spot  soome fuzz on my face or steel wool on my legs, and don't have a bathub handy. 

12. Waterproof Kindle: I saw my friend using this at the beach and was super jelly. Im usually a hate of e-readers and prefer real books, but i also love reading in the tub and at the pool and beach and am sick of getting my books all bloated and wrinkled from thw moisture. This waterproof baby is on my list this year for letting me be literate and wet n wild.

13. Tyler Detergent: A few ladies at my gym use this and I was always intoxicated by it. One of them gave me a bottle for Christmas in 2018 and we've been smitten ever since. Towels and sheets are MADE for this stuff and it's the only stuff I've ever used in the wash that seriously holds scent.

14. Cream Blush: I feel fancy when I use this. I think young people use it too. Ive been working on my first tube for a solid 2 years now so it lasts.

15. Nightingale: Awesome book. 2-3 day read. Compelling but not disturbing. Theyre making it into a movie...which is typically a good review.

16. Wine Chiller/Pourer: I had once of these years ago and it didnt have the pour-through feature. This is a huge upgrade. And you can look like Mr. Freeze at Hogwarts with it.

17. Studs: Super minimalist and cute. $10 shipped right now! 

18. Dry Shampoo: Okay full disclosure, I bought this and haven't used it yet bc it's at my friend's house. She raves and raves about it and convinved me to buy it so it's on here for her.

19. Chopper: No matter how nice of a knife I buy or how much I practice, dicing SUCKS. I got one of these in 2010 and use it weekly for perfect little cubes of many many foods. It can perfectly dice 20 tomatoes in like a minute.  (I have broken the bottom catch bowl by putting things in it that should be (re: sweet potatoes) so just be reasonable about that.

Gift Guide for Tween Girls

1. Tee  // 2. Slippers // 3.Colored Pen Set  & Interactive Journal // 4. Hoop Set // 
5. Scent Diffuser // 6. Jellyfish Lamp // 7. Makeup set // 8. Black leggings  // 9. Gold chains  // 
10. Questioners Books // 11. Headwraps // 12. Mini brands // 13. Sweater  // 14. Yeti  //
 15. Echo clock  // 16. Bento box  // 17. Jeans  // 18. Combat boots // 19. Beginner Volleyball 

All of these are products Layla already owns and recommends OR is being given this year (either by us or grandparents). Here's my unsponsored take on each. (Affiliate links in effect).

1. Tee: Hopping on the trend of short, boxy and repping a band that came out when her grandparents were in their prime.
2. Slippers: I don't know. I never would have thought these would be on her list but I asked her for some things she really wanted and this came up. I do, however, love this style.

3.Colored Pen Set  & Interactive Journal: these have been my favorite pens to write with since college and the set of 30 with the roll up case (which you should obviously arrange in rainbow order) pack a huge punch on value and ease of toting around. We got her this journal last year (it give prompts to help them write. draw, or create on every page) and she loves it.

4. Hoop Set: Does it look like something you wore in the 90's and then donated? Then its in style now apparently. I understand nothing and have reached the age where if I dont love the look of it, that means its probably cool. I am not passing the vibe check.

5. Scent Diffuser: Okay teen boys get all the glory for being weird smelling, but girls represent too. Layla (and her pet guineas) moved into her own room this year and this will be appreciated by everyone who visits (to be fair its the rodents that smell and its because she's lazy about cleaning her cage).

6. Jellyfish Lamp: She got this for her birthday and its super useful for calming down her frenetic brain for bedtime. I actually kind of want one for my desk too. (Pro tip: you need to open it up and fill it and soak the jellies in soap before they'll full be ready to bob right so plan for that if you want full va-va-voom on gifting morning)

7. Makeup set: Because she wants to be 20 but also 6. This age is weird. 

8. Black leggings: Pretty much uniform for women from age 3-90. Layla really prefers the active dry-fit kind. (these are great quality and <$20)

9. Gold chains: All the cool kids are doing it. And the Professional baseball players. Win-win!

10. Questioners Books: For kids that love the Iggy Peck/Ada Twist etc. series of picture books for littler ones, there's now a set of chapter books from the same author and they're just as highly reviewed.

11. Headwraps: I mean they're $1 each. Cute and boho and soft. Splitting the set in half and each girl gets 5 in her stocking! Major bonus for them being nice solid colors and not a 20-pack of insane patterns.

12. Mini brands: This is the one that I'm buying partially for myself too. These teensy versions of real products get my mini-loving heart a-pumping. The dollhouse is about to be so stocked.

13. Sweater: one of the only fashion items on her list that I would wear the grown-up version of. 

14. Yeti: This one is another item I'd have never come up with but she put on her own list. Kind of fancy style for an 11 year old, and I'm 100% she won't lose it.

15. Echo clock: Layla recent got very into knowing what time it is at all...times. I have a theory that she doesn't like or possibly CANNOT tell time on the analog clocks but she SAYS there's only one unbroken clock at school.  She got a digital watch for her birthday and loves it. She also kidnapped our bathroom Alexa so this combines her two passions or clocks and bots into one gift--and liberates our assistant back to us.

16. Bento box:  Another one from her birthday list. She LOVES this thing and actually packs her lunch thoughtfully now that she has it. Now her leftovers can rot in style over weekends and holidays.

17. Jeans: Loose fitting and gently distressed, just like my figure. 

18. Combat boots: I actually love the look of these Doc-alikes. And the price point is about 70% better too.

19. Beginner Volleyball: This is the correct weight of ball for leagues up to 13U, so this is what we practice with at home. Fun color combos and Layla named hers Vanessa. She is also getting this trainer leash to help with arm swing without chasing the ball down or beating against my house at all hours.