wedded bliss

we were honored to be in attendance at the wedding of my bestie natalie's little sister, joj, on saturday. it was wonderful top to bottom and perfectly "her:" effortless, unique, beautiful and fun. we had a blast celebrating her and harrison on a stunning fall evening outdoors.

1. such cool programs 2. matron of honor, natalie (8 months PREGGO! couldnt even tell!) 3. Nat's son and judah's bff benj as the most precious ring bearer EVER 4. abby's daughters eden and charlie being SO cute and giggly 5. here comes the gorgeous bride 6. cute suspendered and bowtied boys 7. jojy's picasso tattoo 8. kiss the bride! 9. they did it!

another of my spiritual gifts (along with photo captions and picking the right thing off the menu) is unknowingly wearing the exact same color dress as the bridesmaids. this makes me look like an upstart understudy waiting for a real member of the wedding party to get injured so i can be called up to the big leagues. my new boots arrived and i love them! after trying for 2 years to get with this trend, i finally found my fits!

a delicious barbeque dinner under the stars and delightful strung lights followed by breaking it down on the grass dance floor was just what the doctor ordered for us on a kid-free evening.

we were delighted (and JEALOUS) to hear that the newlyweds were headed to the same resort that jesse and i went for our honey & baby moons. we put the hard sell on natalie in 2008 when she and robert got engaged and they passed down their glowing recommendation to joj and harrison! i mean, brand new, first-time married-ness is awesome (ya knoooow), and when you throw in 24 hour room service, in-room jacuzzis and all-inclusive everything, it's really just a recipe for a great start.

coolest favors ever. keepsake mason jars (with fall spiced tea mix and recipe inside). if you have a wedding pinboard this might be a good pin!

best wishes to the new couple. thank you for throwing such a perfect party! love yall!

update: for all of yall who have written asking about where the bride and groom got their amazing mason jar favor from, here's the scoop: they designed their own logo and sent it to this company, who printed them onto the glassware for them. amazing idea!


  1. ohmahgoodness the CUTENESS of this wedding. makes me wanna have a get hitched kinda thing for my wedding! also? you & jesse are smokin' HAWT together, keight. esp you...love the hair & boots!!

  2. That wedding looked awesome! Great attention to details.

  3. What a beautiful wedding! You look great- cute outfit & love your hair like that.

  4. girl...one word for you: HAWT! you look awesome!

  5. why do i never get invited to weddings like this?

    way to work the boots Keight. I wear mine in Haiti and no one understands how awesome I am.

  6. SOMEBODY looks GREAT! :) Way to go K8 with the running adventures and getting into awesome shape! Can't wait to join you in a few months! XO

  7. I found your blog via a pin of these awesome mason jar favors. Do you have any idea where they ordered them? I am planning a vintage inspired wedding and would love to do these. Any help appreciated! Thanks! You can just comment here or email me KristiLSimmons@aol.com. Thanks!!

  8. What font did you use for the jars? My fiance loves it.