this is essentially a video of me pestering the snot out of judah. i annoy me here bigtime. but he is priceless.

before i turned on the camera, i had just asked him this same question and he hilariously went into a loop of "no wahnnie, no wahnnie, no whannies," (aka "dont want to") which i have been TRYING to get on camera before he outgrows it. so i tried to reproduce it after i got my phone out.

but instead we get a dose of toddzilla rage and then some sweet manners at the end as he panders for more curious george after i turned it off only so he'd listen to me repeating the same thing 80 times. mother of the year!

he actually does one little "no wahnnie," but i was leading the witness so hard that it's not even charming at this point.

1. potty training is nonexistent anymore. we had him at about 50% success there for awhile (especially when he was spending the night with my parents every week...slavedrivers!), but now he just goes into the corner to poop (in his diaper) and then tells us when he's already made the deposit. we dont care. we will not force him before he's ready and make him a weird pooping kid (despite what it may look like on here...again,  get ting him to say "no wahnnie" was the goal). i think he is making it pretty clear as to whether he is ready.

2. when he begs for george at the end, the little hand thing he does: we tried to teach him to do this when we ask him to wait patiently for something (a la oliver myers), but he fused the waiting patiently body language with the words for asking for something. so he turns into a little begging orphan boy whenever he wants something (a la oliver twist). again: we do not make him assume this humble stance before allowing him food, but we do find it PRECIOUS.

3. this was right before naptime at his least cooperative and most sucked-in by TV. he is usually pretty sweet and well-mannered, and i dont normally encourage rage by laughing at it. but again, i had pushed him to it, and grace abounds with a sleepy toddler. at least on my good days. i wont write it all off though. he is a fiesty boy who knows what he wants, what he doesn't want, and how to turn on the charm when it's convenient. he's got lots to learn, but he's really just my favorite.


  1. hilarious :) he is adorable and the growling "no" had me laughing out loud. we have completely stopped the potty training for now, too. Annabelle kept saying, "no thanks, i did it yesterday."(yesterday meaning weeks ago). honestly, i would rather change diapers a little longer than fight it.

  2. OH MY GOSH.
    this is so cute & funny my head exploded from the awesomeness. :)

  3. So sweet and funny. I know it doesn't seem sweet when it is your kid, but it is just so precious. The hands position to ask nicely is the sweetest part. Okay I think I am done blabbering compliments as you.

  4. OMG! Jesse and/or Lacey took the thoughts right out of my head! That growly "noooo" is a hoot! On the potty training front (since I've done it a few times), let me say this. ALL of my kids have been different in terms of what worked. My THREE year old (no shame) is pee trained but still poops in his underwear EVERY DAY and I am over it! He is the first kid I have "encouraged" to potty before he just decided he was ready. I waited on the others, and we had no accidents with them once they decided to go. They all were successful before they turned four, some sooner, some later. You wanna know the place he WILL go poop? My parents' house, so you aren't alone.