pin real life

ok i found another danger/benefit of pinterest. once i pin something i want to try/buy/do it STAT.

this has me trying recipes and crafty projects which i love, but it also has me walking a fine retail line since i am tempted to go out and buy my pins. so far i haven't gone off the deep end and have managed to stay well within my monthly individual "fun" money (we each get $60 and zero spousal oversight), but it's something i am watching closely still. i tend to be all or nothing, 0 mph or 100mph, black or white (or black or red as it were in this instance), so pinterest really needs to not become a beefy trigger finger pulling constantly on purchases.

disclosure aside, here are two pins that lept into real life this weekend. first, this coat from old navy.
sold here.

i first pinned it here on my "investment pieces" board. this board is for items of clothing that arent the $9 steals i usually stock up on (i am a shameless get-one-in-every-color freak!), but would have a lot of value per wear for a long time. in fact these are all things i would IMMEDIATELY write off as too expensive for my budget (hello, entire inventory of j. crew!). but i have been watching lots of what not to wear and am finally being convinced that a million crappy pieces that only last one season before wearing out, fading or losing shape might not be as smart (or stewardly) as a few dozen quality, yet more expensive items.

funny: a $60 coat from OLD NAVY qualifies as something a step up in quality for me. ha.

second funny: i got this coat for $2.52 total after a 40% off one item coupon, $10 old navy reward certificate and after i cashed in $20 discover rewards bucks for a $25 old navy card. so yeah, INVESTMENT!

third funny: i dont even know if i can pull this off. i mean i like how it looks, but i am always nervy around yellow. i am Duchess McWhitey Nopigment and the last thing i want is people starting to crave sunny side up eggs as i saunter past. i've tried it on in store but havent fully done an in-home fashion show because i am fraidy cat.

i feel like this would be a really cute punch of color that would go great with jeans and brown boots or even a fun colorful flat. haha. did i sound like i knew something there? be careful not to trust me: i wore $6 target mossimo tee's 4 out of 7 days this week (a different one/color each day)! what would stacy and clinton say?

less of an investment (ironically, not, though since the few extra grocery items cost more than my $2 coat), but just as exciting was this crock pot soup that i set up after church and we enjoyed for dinner just now.

pinned on my eat me! board. found first by my friend brie.

it tastes a lot like tortilla soup and was super thick and yummy. we added some salt, paprika, and shredded cheese when we ladled it up and served it with (aka ate it directly off of) slices of panera bread (our church gets a load of unused loaves from the local store every saturday night, so we snagged a few for free this morning...perfect!).

it was much thicker than it appears in the picture above and was packed full of chicken. it was just the right amount of spicy and creamy and meaty. i highly recommend serving it with your favorite chunky bread. this will be GREAT in the cold winter months. you know i love a good crock pot recipe: nothing better than knowing a robot is in the kitchen cooking my meal for me. suck it, see-threepio!

so yummy i linked this one up on raechel's slow cooker post.

a parting note on pinterest: i really like going back and commenting on my own pins if i actually attempt them. a lot of pins i have found lead to impossible DIY scenarios, incorrectly advertised prices, or even nowhere (broken pin links). i feel it's my duty to be a responsible pinner and make sure the pin is valid and, if i try it out, to let anyone who might see my pin know how my experience was. pinterest PSA soapbox complete. dont pin and drive.


  1. Couple of things:

    1. I love pinterest.

    2. I also love Stacy & Clinton and one of my not-so-secret dreams is to be on that show! I tell you what, if you nominate me, I'll nominate you, 'kay?

    3. I'm too lazy to go back and comment, but your previous post about your 10K had me laughing OUT LOUD. I think if we lived closer, we might could be friends. You'd be the funny one and I'd be the one that just sat there and laughed all the time (I never say funny things, but I do appreciate that feature in other people!).

  2. Love the coat. If there is a cheap shirt/item that I like, I too am a get-one-in-every-color monster (green/orange striped tank, anyone?!). And now I am dying for that soup. Yum!

  3. You ought to start a board of things that you've done/tried to post on. I currently copy my pin onto my board, but I guess you could even blog about it and link your blog with an actual pic of your end result!

  4. your "eat me" board is amazing- seriously... there isn't a thing on there I wouldn't change. we must be long lost friends.

  5. You have some yummy food on there! I was at Walmart today and saw Hershey's Chipits Mini Kisses, which would mean you could make those treats without having to unwrap a bazillion Chocolate Kisses!
    Bakingmommy :)

  6. Sarah McLendon9/23/11, 1:55 PM

    I made the "soup" from your recommendation and LOVED IT! This will be a staple this fall/winter. Just an idea, after the soup (ours was fairly thick like yours) was done cooking, I made some white rice, and stirred it in. Made it more of a thick/casserole type meal and more filling. :) Thank you for sharing!

  7. Keight!

    I ended up getting this coat after I saw it on your blog! I have been looking for an AFFORDABLE colorful, warm coat for a year now! It was $35 buck! whooo-hooo... as a result, I also got it in GREEN!

    ha! Thanks for all your blogging! I love keeping up with your family!

  8. Great Blog! you piqued my interest in PINTREST! :D

  9. I just ran into this blog yesterday. Its called Pinstrocity. http://pinstrosity.blogspot.com/ HILARIOUS. People's "pins" gone wrong.