wow. picking a winner was way harder than i thought. i narrowed it down to about 4 favorites but then i had a really tough time. i kept wanting to know who wrote what. but in the end, jesse forced me to be 100% blind and here's how things fell.

these are the 3 runners-up in order of closeness to being picked. i really loved all of these and how well they fit the picture and yet were freaking funny.

Evan said...
"Get in my BELLY!!!"
angie said...
"i'm just going to put it out there, if you don't like it just send it back"
The Del Angel Family said...
"Bet you've never seen anything like THIS in Mexico, babe! Eat your heart out!"
and after much excruciating deliberation i finally chose this as the winner:
Emma's Mommy said:

"Whoa now, gir'... you better watch yoself! Pimps like me can be admired but NOT touched."

ok i was worried this one might be a little anti-woman; since i am not the mother of a little girl i wasn't sure how it would go over...especially since i happen to love miss elsita a bunch. but in the end since the writer was a girl AND a mommy to a girl i thought it should be allowed because it is kind of just what the picture looks like with judah in his outrageous mac daddy attire. in actuality, there were also about 6 other pictures that showed the reality of the situation which was judah trying to climb all over elsa and her just being so over him. hopefully it won't offend sweet elsa because it's far more than likely that one day she will be telling judah, "hands off!" than the reverse ever happening. emma's mommy, email me your address and which restaurant you want the certificate to!

honorable mention goes to dina the perennial blog lurker for her facebook wall caption submission of, "b*tches ain't sh*t," which definitely gets DQ'd for sexism though it was shockingly hilarious. and i can say that because i am one of those b*tches and because we all know judah would never say that about any lady. kudos dina, now please de-shadow.

i am thrilled to be able to go back to moderating my own comments and not have to cover up the left side of the screen (because i brilliantly installed a recent comments widget on the same day that i vowed not to read them).


  1. Yay for Candi!!! I'm so happy she won! I might be wrong but I'm pretty sure she found your blog through me! Congrats Candi!

  2. SaaaWEET! I was so very excited when I read this :). This is my first blog win! YAY! Thank you so much :). I'm emailing you now...

    And Mary Beth, yes, I did! Thank you, girly :). I was just whining the other day about having never won anything before. Haha!