super sorry town for going missing for almost a whole week. it has not been funtimes around our house. i won't go into crazy depressing details but here's a quick summary:

1. jesse dislocated his shoulder for about the 8th time since i have known him on sunday night while playing basketball with his youth boys. this landed him in the ER from 8pm until 2 am. i went to be with him while judah's great aunt jo came and stayed with him. they tried unsuccessfully over a few hours to yank the shoulder back in while jesse wasn't fully sedated and it was NOT fun to watch or hear. they finally gave him enough sedation for a 400 lb man and got 4 people to pull it back into socket while i waited in the hall and listened to jesse's unconscious groans. we have decided this is probably enough and we need to get him surgery. the only reason it hasn't happened already is because he had surgery way back when it first happened and the dislocations seem to have been worse since then. we want to make sure that nothing is stopping jesse from being able to hold 2 babies come november.

2. what had been a pretty bad cold i was fighting turned into full blown death flu for me thanks to being out so late that night. by the time they came to discharge him, we were both pathetically curled up in his hospital bed just wanting them to pull the plug. i am just now up to a functionality that includes wearing a bra and brushing my teeth.

3. the people who sent me and lena into full blown panic cleaning fest actually REALLY liked the house and said it was pretty much between us and one other house (with ours being pricier). they wanted to come see it again with their parents and after talking to their lender. so, in the midst of the sickness and the balls being out of their sockets, every time we left the effing house we had to clean it up spotless. so of course they never came. this was emotional warfare. as our awesome realtor says, "buyer are liars." but we called their agent and asked what was up and it turns out they just have crazy work schedules and are going to come today or tomorrow. yikes. cutting it close for the homebuyer credit. so the incessant cleaning continues. i hope they don't mind garbage cans full of kleenex filled with mutagen ooze.

4. and the absolute worst thing that makes all this other stuff really just laughable (and has made blogging just not a priority) is that one of jesse's former youth kids (because he had graduated HS) took his life on sunday night in his parents' driveway. i mean, i don't even have words to follow up on that. he was 19 years old and must have been hurting way more than anyone knew. if you are the praying type, please seriously send some up for his family.
i am gonna try to do a few posts in the next 2 days to catch everything else up. just know that we are a little banged up here in dukesville.


  1. Girl I am so sorry! You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Oh, I'm so sorry! Much love and many prayers for ya here!!!

  3. Man, girl! I am so sorry to hear all of that!! Please let us know if there is anything at all we can do for y'all!

  4. I'd do anything for you guys! Just glad I could help. So Jesse will need surgery? YIKES! If you can wait until after school, I can help out with Judah.

  5. Sorry...now I feel like a jerk for bugging you about updating the blog. I'm praying for y'all and the family of that student.