a package from lena

godmother to judah, BFF to me, and blog favorite, lena, was in the know back when we were talking about wanting to maybe have another baby. never one to try to push her point of view on someone else, here are the full contents of a package i received in the mail from her about 2 days after she found out we were thinking about trying again.

that's right, she wants not just 4, but "four (4)" godchildren.

helping me to break my addiciton before it even starts

i am 27, lena.

me: "oh, wow, that's actually pretty cool of her to be so understanding if we decide not to have another" and then i flip it over...

"ah, yes. that's more like it."

she's got her finger on the pulse of the pregnant lower GI

oh wow. so much good material here. i'll let you explore on your own. p.s. lena wants a god daughter this time around if you couldn't tell
lena gave us the heads up as soon as we got pregnant again that she didn't love this one as much as judah quite yet. that's cool, lena, we don't either. and she took it like a champ when we had to back out of our much looked-forward to trip to NYC with the hunts because it fell in the middle of hellish first trimester doom sickness (this turned out to be the right move since the trip was last weekend and i was totally worthless). something tells me judah may be sporting and i heart NY onesie pretty soon though.


  1. hahaha I totally forgot about this. and judah does have a little something coming...but not the traditional i heart ny.

    now that I'm home and looking at the gift it might be a tad girly and have to wait until nov. to be used.

  2. That's hilarious. Lena, you are such a sweet and funny (and somewhat deviant) friend. I laughed out loud at the condom part.

  3. So freaking funny. Good one, Lena!