here is some cuteness to buoy the old spirits. we definitely don't have anything to complain about, even when times are stressful.

just because it says chick-fil-a on it doesn't mean you need to eat it, baby goat

jesse needed to reach behind the washer with his good arm so he needed a convenient place to put judah

and because we don't know when enough is enough...he went in the dryer too

tiniest of groupies. back in the days when jesse could hold a guitar...tear.

oh man did he think this was funny


  1. At least he's having a good time in the dryer. Who would've thought he'd make it through a whole spin cycle? ...:P

  2. Thanks for looking on the bright side! He's awesome in the dryer!!

  3. Keight! I am sorry you guys have been having a rough go at it recently. At least you are mindful of the wonderful blessings you have even when times get tough. The "bug" and his precious smile makes everything better I am sure!