it knows...

I love playing Words with Friends on my phone while I feed Layla. It's a quiet, totally portable/always with me, non-tv, somewhat mind-enriching good time.

But I may be playing too much because the game is starting to know me and my moods. Check out the tiles it just dealt me (in order)

an inventive and insightful use if z & x

It's a nice suggestion (if technically misspelled; i think it actually starts and ends with an x), and is sorely tempting, especially on this the second to last day of maternity leave. Come Monday, it's back to full-time work plus two kids, childcare, commuting and stress bonanza. WwF definitely has a finger on the pulse of my frazzled psyche. Pass that rx bottle!

bonus: i tweeted this but must make sure the world outside of twitter sees it. Spotted in the exact same dairy aisle today that once brought us the denim magic...

Rawr, y'all

so very many posts with pictures of my kids and mindless ramblings from me coming soon. you'll yearn for arid posts like these. promise.


  1. i have been in such withdrawal and have missed you! glad you are back. can't believe you're going back to work already. it can't possibly be time yet. what? i swear layla's only like a month old right....it's amazing how fast time flies when you are not the one waking up in the wee hours of the night every night and passing every single waking moment taking care of the helpless little babe. your maternity leave sure has flown by for me. ha!!

  2. just wanted to send you some internet love about going back to work on monday. I know it won't be easy. hope it is a smooth transition!