because i want to tell you about these things but there is no unifying thread. ready, set, go.

since having layla, we havent done respite care for jesse's little sister, elena because i had to make sure i could take care of 2 humans before moving up to 3. now that i (sort of) have life with two kids under control (relative term), we were long over due for an elena spend the night party! she is a trooper and slept on the couch due to all the rooms being full, and we had an awesome time. (why i love elena and proof that judah loved her way back when).

elena is a great stoic picture subject. it is usually IMPOSSIBLE to get her to smile for a photo without enlisting the aid of "do it for your boyfriend!" this was totally unsolicited. she loves the kids and they both LOVE her. judah was flirting and being all shy with her like whoa, and as far as layla was concerned, elena was a MAGNET whom she could not stay away from. it was so cool to see aunt elena in action!

made these bad boys for a high school friends bridesmaids gifts.

missy-sissy is drinking out of a sippy cup now. not exclusively, but during full daylight for sure. she is also starting to get some whole milk in with her nightcap. the end of formula is in sight! hallelujah. i mourn so hard that i have never been able to keep breastfeeding going after i go back to work and they start sleeping through the night, but the thought of still breastfeeding this whirling, walking, flailing, tooth-having humongous dervish also intimidates the junk out of me. you moms who go all the way to 12 months and beyond with the boobs are AMAZING!

anything she can do, i can do...poorer. another raechel creation (cre-raech-on?) that i had to try for myself. LOVE how my camera strap cover turned out. i will say that i spent half the time trying to get the butterfly perfectly centered on the lens cap pocket and finally succeeded! aaaaand then promptly realized that we lost our lens cap long ago. that wouldn't do, so naturally i spent $9 of my keight money on replacing it...because it's so useful? NO! to fill up the little butterfly pocket that i made, doy!

make one (strap cover, not lens cap) yourself using rae's awesome tutorial!

i hit up an awesome consignment shop in our neck of the woods yesterday when i realized layla has hardly ANY clothes for this size and season. we are overflowing with 3-6 month sized things in her drawers and it's such a headache every day to dig through them to find the few current pieces. rotating and keeping up with a growing kids wardrobe is so annoying!

before the consignment shop, i panicked and rashly spent $40 on 65 pieces of 12 month girl's clothes on ebay without actually being able to see all of the pieces. i thought, "well, how bad can it be?" but then i thought of how i hate 75% of girl clothes out there. the package hasnt arrived yet, but i am kind of dreading it. oh well, i will just yard sale the stuff that engages my gag reflex. stupid, stupid keight.

but back to smart keight at the consignment shop. i went in with a budget of $30 wanting to get some good, solid pieces that would go the distance and get weekly wear for lay. most of the stuff in this place is the brands i like (old navy, gap, children's place) and the pieces are about $3-$5. but sometimes the have an X on the tag that means 70% off, so i was really hunting those.

here is everything i got:

childrens place onesie (new with tags), no name black cute sweater, old navy fleece hoodie, children's place sweater.

apple bottom (shame, i know) leggings, old navy cargos, osh kosh overalls, no name jeans, gap bloomers

so the bloomers and the black sweater were all that was 70% off. everything else was the regular $3-$5 price. my total was going to be $25. but i went up to the counter and the lady scanned the bloomers first and then set the computer to 70% off. i guess she forgot to turn it off because i got home and realized that the entire total was $10.17 for everything. i got each of these things for $1.11! that's yardsale cheap without any haggling or digging for sizes.

whats more shocking is that i went to our awesome goodwill store after this and all of their baby clothes (in much worse condition/style/quality) were all $3 each. as if! so i beat a lot! but i did find the kids 3 pairs of shoes for $9 (2 chuck taylors and some dressier shoes for judah) there so i cant hate on goodwill too much.

good times on many levels. you have now been randomized.


  1. My two favorite things:
    Layla with the sippy picture. Obv.

    The fabrics you picked for the camera strap cover! Keight, that was all you and GRAND! You're weaning away from me, aren't you? If only I hadn't gone back to work! :)

  2. You did a great job with the clothes! We have a Once Upon a Child in our area that must service ALL OF CHICAGOLAND because it is insane. I mean, you have to go in with a full stomach and a Christian attitude and maybe a Bible to ward off other mothers, because it is so ridiculous. And all I can think every time I go in is, Why does anyone buy anything new? I mean, this store alone could service all of the Midwest.

    Anyway! I agree with Rae, 100% awesome fabric choices for the camera strap. Lurve the butterfly.

  3. lay-lay is so CUTE. and grown up...not fair.
    way to go for you, keight; beating out Goodwill? kinda unheard of.

  4. Hi Keight! I'm the girl who Raechel retweeted back in August about the Disney nerds line.

    I wanted to send you this message that I just sent to friends and family on facebook--pass the word along and let's put out one last fight!

    Good morning friends :)

    I went back through my facebook feed and came up with this list because each of you either complained to Disney about their nerds line or somehow provided support as the first news story aired. I would first like to thank each of you for your kind words and for backing Scott and I up on something we firmly believed was a wrong move for a company so many young children love.

    I wrote on our blog Tuesday night that we are "done" trying to campaign for Disney to know this line was inconsiderate for children with glasses and insensitive altogether, and truly, after this final move I am done.

    I would like to ask each of you to file one more complaint. This is because Shawn Turner, head of PR for Disney, has in essence called me a liar on two television stations and is adamant that Disney has received NO complaints on the nerds line. Um, who checks the Disney Store complaint email box? Apparently no one.

    So if you could send just one more email with your thoughts and feelings to Shawn Turner herself, I would be FOREVER GRATEFUL. Here is her contact information:

    Shawn Turner
    Disney Store North America

    I am sending my own email off this morning, basically just copying and pasting what I wrote on our blog in August. Your email doesn't have to be long or take up much of your time--just a sentence saying you think the nerds line was insensitive is enough. Or you can give her a piece of your mind if you have an extra 5 minutes--wouldn't hurt to do so :)

    And since I've taken some recent heat over the word "nerd" I'd just like to remind you as you write Shawn what Websters defines it as:

    a stupid, irritating, ineffectual, or unattractive person

    Do we want our children who wear glasses because they HAVE to labeled with such a hurtful term? Nope!

    Thanks everyone for everything. You're all the best!

  5. Love the randoms, espec the first. Lovin' on the kids lovin' Elena (and her them!) Layla reminds me of some pictures of Judah way back when and yet looks so much like Jesse. And I'm wild about your great buys! Just add Shopper Queen to your many other titles.

  6. How did you make your camera strap please?