Gift Guide for Tween Boys

1. Slides // 2. Waterproof Speaker // 3. Phone Holder // 4. Patch Hat // 5. Patches: Kirby  Tape  ATL //
10. Shocktato // 11. Champion Hoodie // 12. Undies // 13. Pass Back // 14. 6-can Mini Fridge // 

All of these are products Judah already owns and recommends OR is being given this year (either by us or grandparents). Here's my unsponsored take on each. (Affiliate links in effect).

1. Slides He'll happily wear them through winter with socks, they take 1 second to put on, and theyre far cheaper to replace monthly when he outgrows them than sneakers

2. Waterproof Speaker Judah is the prime age for going around the neighborhood and up to the park with his friends on his bike. This super sturdy, waterproof, clip on bluetooth speaker lets him play his jams  the whole time and he can even still listen for traffic. 41,000 5-star reviews have me willing. 

3. Phone Holder If you follow me on Insta, you've seen Judah's burgeoning love for making TikToks. He keeps borrowing our massive tripod, but this will let him film wherever with one of his own since it clamps on. AND it doubles as a hands free stand. 

 4. Patch Hat He fell in love with my gym hat in this style and kept stealing it, so we finally got him his own. Velcro 2x3 for interchangeable patches

 5. Patches: Kirby  Tape  ATL we are adding a few to his collection for Christmas (and I am DIY'ing a framed velco board for him to store/display his patches when not in use).

 6. Nerf Digital Target This comes with 3 different games programmed on and is slightly safer for my walls than a traditionally dart board.

7. Quality Time Punch Cards Like I wasnt going to put my own invention on here. But for real, middle school boys don't tend to emote well, so giving him and easy out of "I want to use my dinner punch" is an easier way for him to say he needs time with you.

 8. Hatchet + Sheath I got him a hatchet before we wetn glamping and it might as well have been an iphone based on how many hours he spent with it. Go ahead and buy a  Sharpening Stone too because the fools will hack on things that dull the blade.

9. Lightning Cable never enough. We own 2 of these (have had both for months) and theyve held up SO WELL. Not even one power blink or spazz out yet. Plus fun colors/

10. Shocktato You had me at "electrocute your child." But for real, this was made for idiot boys.

11. Champion Hoodie I was shooketh to find out this brand is cool at my kid's school now.

 12. Undies I mean, if they have them, SURELY they're more likely to wear them. We have several packs of these and Judah like them best for anti-wedgie protection. I just want as many barriers as possible between the farts and my face.

13. Pass Back My SIL gave him one for Christmas a few years ago and its been a best buddie since then. Chucking it against our house for HOURSSSSSS when Jesse or I are available to toss the full football.

14. 6-can Mini Fridge  He is going to feel like the too-est cool for school guy when he gets his own teeny fridge in his room (these are only $25).

15. Pull Up Bar  We have had this one installed in his room for over 4 years and its never fallen down despite him using it daily (and Jesse and I using it now and then too). 

16. Guiness Book  If Judah has failed me in one way its that he doesnt love reading like Jesse and I do (yet) He will however read books like this cover to cover repeatedly. So I'll keep buying them.

 17. Toilet Light I scored one of these in a White Elephant game a few years ago and they're AWESOME! Part motion activated night light, part runway lights for landing the plane. Tween boys aren't known for their pee aim in the best of lighting, so adding this into the mix in the dark is USEFUL,

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