Gift Guide for Men

1. Desk Cube // 2. Key Tracker // 3. Lounge Shorts // 4. Utility Knife // 5. Hoodie Shacket // 6. Flannel Shirt // 

All of these are products we already own and recommend OR are being given this year. Here's my unsponsored take on each. (Affiliate links in effect).

1. Desk Cube No more crawling under the desk to access the power strip: 3 USBs, 3 AC plugs, all within reach.

2. Key Tracker This little square has saved our marriage many times. Because apparently his favorite activity for unwinding after work is to hide his keys in the most unknowable locations. This is the electronic version of Accio! (I know Apple has a version of these now but we've had these for years and have been super pleased)

3. Lounge Shorts Comfy as hell for him around the house, but can still be worn in public without bringing shame upon your family. PLUS excellent fit on the caboose for my viewing pleasure.

4. Utility Knife We borrowed one of these from a friend and after 30 seconds using it I went and bought one for us. This mamma-jamma reloads a new blade with one hand from a supply inside  the handle. Refills are super affordable. I haven't felt so passionate about a tool since discovering my demigod of a manual screwdriver

5. Hoodie Shacket Fuzzy, sporty, warm. I love this color and the rust one too. Great for layering under another coat or going solo.

6. Flannel Shirt Cozy, fits great, and a million colors to choose from. I look forward to stealing this for myself.

7. Wallet Phone Case We own 3 of these (Judah too!) and havent carried wallets in years. Major drop protection and card holds that doesn't stretch out. They make them for all the iPhone models and some androids too

8. Cigar Whiskey Glass These are going to Jesse's dad because he LOVES to bro out hard with whiskey and cigar nights.

9. ATL UTD Hat The man is OBSESSED with this team. This design looks cool to me and is a change up from the 103,458 other pieces of swag he has.

10. Three-Body Problem We shared (re: fought back and forth over) one copy of this book on vacation and both simultaneously read it in 2 days. 

11. AirPods Key Case He kept getting enraged by the basic silicone case getting stretched out causing the lid to flop off. This one is tight as a drum (he's had it for over 6 months and still raves)

12. Flex Khakis I don't want to talk about how often the grown man rips the crotch of his pants. Give him all the flex.

13. Perfect Pocket Tee Found one of these at Goodwill once and it fit him so well I started buying them new.

14. Bug Rifle Literally the only item he said he actually wants. If we're going to be shot-gunning flies in the house, why not add the laser sight to be fully extra?

15. Travel Cereal Cup one handed, spill proof cereal consumption on the go. I am intrigued by this gimmicky genius goodness.

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