feast your eyes

sweet moly, i should have never visited this website.

speaking of big fat fatties, layla went to her 2 month checkup tonight and got her first ever shots. we didn't delay the vaccinations until 9 months like we did with judah for various reasons (cold season, pertussis outbreaks, we're generally way more PRO-vaccination now), but we did abstain from the hepatitis (now and at birth). it's my understanding that (barring ingestion of feces) it's really hard to get that disease without doing needle drugs or having sex. so if my kids want to do either of those and put themselves at risk for the hep, they can come let me know and we'll get those shots (and maybe have a little heart to heart). but for now, i think we're good. she was braver than judah at his 18 month ones. to be fair though, i don't think she knew what was coming like he did.

once again she is quite literally off the charts for girls her age at 13.8 lbs and 25 inches. on the both genders chart, they tell me she is 77 percentile in weight and 97th in height. she is SO front row, y'all. or, you know, first chair oboe-ist, championship cup-stacker, or dragon-lore/pirate-lover (runs in the family)-- whatever she wants to be. no one's pushing her into the volleyball. it would be convenient though; i have a mighty spandex and kneepad cache already.

sorry that dey ain't no pictures to share. jesse is at a conference until tomorrow evening and has the laptop with all of the new pics. they're both still mightily cute though and have been engaging in many photo-worthy adventures of late. p.s. jesse is at a conference until tomorrow evening. did you catch that? i have had BOTH kids all day today and again tomorrow. my previous record for this was 3 hours of both of them (i know, i am a sis-SAY to be complaining). i have been getting TONS of judah snuggles in the absence of jesse, but this newfound affection is tempered by the fact that he calls me DA-MA. nice, judah. real nice.

ok, sorry for the scattered-ness. gotta go, layla just woke herself up with about 2 minutes of sustained machine-gun toots that about had me laughing myself out of bed.


  1. better make her play volleyball. I already told Ella she better like Ballet b/c that's what she's going to be when she grows up...a prima ballerina. Only because my parents wouldn't let, I'll just live my dreams through her. Isn't that what all mothers are supposed to do?

  2. It would be interesting to hear why you guys have changed your stance on vaccinations. I thought you had some pretty good points before about why to delay them.

  3. Hey- the food gawker site looks amazing. Also- I've been meaning to say how incredibly impressed I am with how your craftiness has come along. Really, well done.